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Whats New in Jakarta

  • Padma Resort Ubud - BuildingFI

    Padma Lands in Ubud

    Surround yourself with nature at the brand new Padma Resort in Bali’s cultural heart of Ubud.  Nestled in a river valley with suitably luxurious rooms overlooking the beautiful bamboo forests of Payangan, Padma Resort Ubud is a new haven for those...
  • Jazz Market by The Sea FI

    Jazz Market by the Sea

    Taking place this coming August 14-16, Jazz Market by The Sea returns to the stunning beachfront garden of Taman Bhagawan in Tanjung Benoa with a confirmed lineup that covers top-notch performers like Raisa, Tohpati, Bertiga, Kunto Aji, Balawan &...
  • weh

    Weh Island

    Right at the northern tip of Sumatra, Weh Island is a small active volcanic island situated on the convergence of the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is an enchanting untouched island, respectively known for its rich ecosystem, including the dazzling c...
  • samosir

    Lake Toba

    Lake Toba, the largest lake in Indonesia, is an amazing natural spectacle. It is a cratered lake which looks more like a vast ocean with its area of 1145 square kilometres and depth of 450 metres. Lake Toba also has a fascinating history. Toba was or...
  • medan


    Medan, the Capital of North Sumatra, is home to approximately two million people, making it the fourth biggest city in Indonesia. As a metropolitan city, Medan shares the same bustling scene as Jakarta, especially its busy traffic and endless options...
  • mentawai

    Mentawai Island

    Situated in the western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai islands are a chain of approximately seventy islands and islets. The islands lie in the middle of the Indian Ocean and are well known as a surfing paradise which attracts lots of surfers from Ind...
  • macan-copy2

    Sianok Canyon, Bukittinggi – West Sumatra

    You don’t have to travel all the way to the Grand Canyon in the United States to witness the beautiful view of a majestic, yet precipitous valley because we have it right here in Indonesia. Yes, Sianok Canyon in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, also port...
  • macan-copy1

    Musi River & Ampera Bridge

    The city of Palembang, South Sumatra’s capital, is well known for its rich cultural history of Sriwijaya, a kingdom that played an important role in the formation of the Indonesian archipelago today. The second largest city in Sumatra and one of th...
  • belitung-island

    Belitung Island

    Located on the east coast of Sumatra, Belitung is surrounded by unusual yet stunning offshore beaches. Golden sandy beaches, light turquoise waters and rich underwater life are some of Belitung’s charms. Nonetheless, the most iconic symbols of this...
  • kiluan-island


    If you travel to Lampung, you will be greeted with a number of interesting natural attractions that simply cannot be found in the middle of a big, noisy city like Jakarta. One of the most popular of these is Kilauan Bay. Kilauan means ‘sparkle’ i...