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Whats New in Jakarta

  • AMR Bali - FacadeFI

    Pool Suite for Your Stay in Bali with Amaroosa Hotel Suite Bali

    To enjoy a holiday with your partner or family is always something to look forward to, especially when Bali is your travel destination. The beauty of the paradise island never fails to allure domestic and international travelers. Comfortable accommod...
  • AK21-Milford-Sound-Fiordland-Chris-Sisarich FI

    New Zealand: 100% Family-Friendly

    Whether you want to spend the day wandering around the home turf of the Baggins’ in Hobbiton, coming face-to-face with a glacier, or kayaking your way around stunning fiords, New Zealand really has it covered in terms of inspiring family vacations....
  • DSC_6742

    Sasak Villages

    For a real taste of Lombok, take a trip to a traditional Sasak village. In contrast with neighbouring Bali, Islam is the main religion practiced in Lombok where the Sasak people still maintain many of their old traditions today. The most frequented o...
  • day2  (43)

    Lombok’s Temples

    Lombok’s temples are well worth a look as they offer insight into the island’s cultural, historical and religious values as well as being rather picturesque. Pura Meru, the biggest temple on the island, is dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma...
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    Pusuk Monkey Forest

    Pusuk Monkey Forest is a nature conservation area situated in West Lombok regency near Mount Rinjani. Pusuk offers wonderful scenery with lush tropical rainforests, valleys, gorges and rivers running through the jungle. Pusuk is also home to hundreds...

    Kuta & Lombok’s South Coast

    Don’t get Kuta beach in Lombok confused with the entertainment hub of Kuta in Bali. Kuta is a coastal town in the southern shore of Lombok that is known for its pristine beaches, turquoise seas, and exciting surf spots. Although Kuta Beach is the m...
  • Pura Batu Bolong


    Just like Bali, Lombok is also paradise for beach bums. Senggigi beach, which is around an hour’s drive from the airport, is the centre of tourist activities in Lombok. Its long coastlines and gentle waves make snorkelling, swimming and canoeing po...
  • tawer laff

    Sendeng Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

    Two of Lombok’s most stunning waterfalls are Sendeng Gile and Tiu Kelep. Surrounded by the lush green scenery of Mount Rinjani’s foothills, the waterfalls are located in Senaru Village, around 2.5 hour’s drive from Mataram. Reaching the waterfa...
  • DSC_8314

    Introducing Lombok

    Island Charm Lombok is an island filled with charm. From its pristine beaches to the majestic beauty of Mount Rinjani, to the hidden secrets of its traditional cuisines, Lombok has many wonders to discover. The island, which is home to many tourist d...
  • dsc_0818

    Mount Rinjani

    The prospect of scaling Mount Rinjani, the highest peak in Indonesia, is both exciting and daunting. The grandeur and beauty of Rinjani is known worldwide while for locals Rinjani holds an important spiritual meaning and it is believed that the name ...