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IKEA presents the VIKTIGT Collection in collaboration with the well-known Scandinavian designer, Ingegerd Råman. The term VIKTIGT means “important” in Swedish and as the name suggests, the VIKTIGT collection reflects life’s ‘essentials,’ perfectly combining function and aesthetic beauty. Every piece in this collection has been carefully crafted to reflect a love of design and create a unique statement.

PE575470VIKTIGT basket
IDR 399.000 (36 cm)
IDR 449.000 (50 cm)
Hand made by skilled craftsmen, this basket proves that modern design can be combined beautifully with classic shapes.

PE575469VIKTIGT armchair
IDR 2.199.000
Clean shapes, cutting-edge design, and the colour black can only mean one thing -  elegance. With plastic feet, it won’t scrape your floor.


PE575507VIKTIGT pendant lamp shade
IDR 499.000 (42 cm)
IDR 599.000 (57 cm)
Made of lacquered bamboo, this lamp will create a soft glowing light as it hangs delicately from your ceiling. Cord set is sold separately.


PE575588VIKTIGT carafe with glass
IDR 299.000
Stay hydrated by keeping this unique bottle on your desk all the time. The set is comprised of 1 carafe (1.2L) and 1 glass (0.2L)


PE558419VIKTIGT jar with lid
IDR 499.000 / set of 2
Made of natural bamboo, these jars, complete with braided fibre lids, create a chic combination between modern and traditional design.


PE575651VIKTIGT hanging planter
IDR 499.000 / set of 2
Hand made by skilled craftsmen, these planters allow you to add a touch of nature into your inside spaces too.


PE576369VIKTIGT case
IDR 69.900
Store all your knickknacks in this beautiful case. Made of stained, clear, lacquered bamboo, the case comes in assorted colours and sizes for you to choose from.


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