NOW! JAKARTA | Pierrot Lumière A Multimedia Sound Performance by

With their take on Arnold Schönberg’s masterpiece “Pierrot Lunaire” – among the most celebrated and frequently performed works by the famous 20th century composer – Germany’s MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik create a captivating multimedia performance that combines an excellent musical interpretation with an immersive video installation. Their “Pierrot Lumière” draws on the classical figure and stories of the Pierrot – a cycle of poems for narrator and an instrumental ensemble that premiered in Berlin in 1912.

Pierrot Lumière  A Multimedia Sound Performance  by MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle music

More than a hundred years later, the question who this Pierrot Lunaire, central figure of the work, actually was still lingers: A romantic, a lunatic? A man, a woman? A real person or just a projection? The German ensemble’s contemporary version of the Pierrot focuses on the ambivalence of the figure – in their rich stage performance the musicians follow the Pierrot through a network of different virtual spaces created by the video installation: uninhabited nature and urbanity, transit zones, open spaces and narrow alleys let the scenery of the original story come to life.

Inspired by the radical new musical language Schönberg’s compositions unfolded in the beginning of the 20th century, MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik infuse their classical performance with electronic elements, building bridges to contemporary sounds and music styles.

A radically contemporary interpretation of a 20th century masterpiece.

The Jakarta performance is the first concert of the young ensemble’s tour through Southeast Asia.

Event starts at 8 p.m. Visit or email:


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