NOW! JAKARTA | The Astonishing Art of Tugu

Imagine a hotel whose purpose is to preserve and glorify art. Imagine a hotel where every room is filled with genuine antiques, artifacts and objects d’art. Where the art is genuine antique and collected with love, not bought by interior designers to make the rooms “look good” and the guests happy. Imagine walking from room to room discovering history, uncovering secrets, reading plaques that commemorate real events and real people. Imagine waking up in ancient four posters, knowing they were slept in by kings and concubines, presidents and celebrities. Imagine no more.

Tugu Hotels across Indonesia are art, history, culture and heritage combined, and are still wonderful places to stay. Tugu hotels in Malang and Blitar, in Bali and Lombok are museums and the custodians are your concierges. There is a surprise around every corner and a delight on every wall. And across Jakarta the Tugu Restaurants are just the same: Kunstkring Palaeis, Lara Djonggrang, Dapur Babah Elite and Shanghai Blue 1920 are mini-museums where art is everywhere. Don’t miss any of them. They are Tugu’s gift to the world.

Tugu Hotel Malang
Jalan Tugu No. 3, Kauman, Klojen, Kauman, Klojen,
Malang, East Java 65119
(0341) 363891

Text and photos by Alistair Speirs


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