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H.E. Mr. Arief Yahya Minister of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia

Could you please kindly share the Ministry of Tourisms main agenda for 2016?
Marketing and branding of Indonesia is our priority this year with the overall aim of increasing tourist numbers. Wonderful Indonesia campaign has been a huge success with Indonesia receiving 10.3% growth recently compared to the average of 5.3% within the ASEAN region. Wide media coverage has been received CNN, CNBC and CNC channels worldwide including large coverage from China. We will continue growing our media partners to ensure Indonesia sees the continued growth in tourism.

Anka and H.E. Mr. Arief Yahya

The competition amongst ASEAN countries is intense, what are the strengths of Indonesia with regards to tourism industry?
In regards to the tourism Industry, Indonesia is a very price competitive country within the region. Tourists using the US dollar will be able to gain more for their money than if they were to take a holiday in other countries. Indonesia is rich in culture with many natural tourist attractions which draw-in people from all over the world. Also, the business environment is improving greatly increasing the number of hotels and tourism activities available.

What is your perception of the relationship between the UK and Indonesia?
The UK and Indonesia has close relations with each other especially due to the fact that the UK brings the most amount of tourists to Indonesia within the European countries. Business links are increasing and more and more British businesses have offices in the area. The British council plays a major role in Indonesia focusing on all aspects of culture and education. Prices of airlines are getting cheaper and more routes are opening up making tourism between the UK and Indonesia more attractive.

Chris Wren and H.E. Mr. Arief Yahya

How can British business assist in the future?
Indonesia requires further investment in all regions, especially within the infrastructure area. The environmental sustainability and healthcare areas also need attention. With investments from British businesses, Indonesia will expand further enabling an overall more positive experience and attractive destination for tourists.

The tourism industry is one of the key to Indonesia’s economy, what can we expect in the future for the partnership between UK businesses and Indonesia in terms of Indonesian tourism?
The partnership between the UK and Indonesia in terms of tourism is huge. The UK is the country within Europe that brings the most tourists to Indonesia. Further collaboration with the British council within the fashion industry and performing arts. We will continue developing links with educational institutions focusing on student exchange programs

Do you have any message for British Companies/ Potential investors who would like to expand their tourism businesses in Indonesia?
To be more aggressive and get involved with Indonesia. Use partners in Singapore and Hong Kong to link with Indonesia- these countries are very experienced in the region. Don’t be afraid of the rules and regulations- yes, it’ll take time but rewards will be high.

Written by Anka, BritCham Communications Officer

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Anja van Eeuwen

2017-10-10 16:22:52 +0700

14th September 2017 To President Jojo Widodo and the Minister for Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Indonesian Government Offices Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia Dear President Widodo Dear Minister Yahya I wrote to Minister Yahya about year or so ago about possible ways to increase tourism to Indonesia. I suggested the introduction of a waste / garbage collection system in the campungs and possibly a lower output of the loudspeakers in the mosques. The reason is that hardworking people going on holidays long for peace and quiet and some rest. Christians believe that the value of the prayer is, that it comes from the heart so they do not really understand the loudspeakers in the mosques. In places like Saudi Arabia the many mosques call the faithful to prayer, but do Not use loudspeakers for the entire worship service, as it is written in the Holy Qur’an: ‘Pray in silence’. HOWEVER, the reason I am writing to you now is a recent news item on Australian television, in which it was announced that talks were being held between our Government and the Indonesian Tourist Ministry about the possibility of Australia investing $ 90+ million dollars in the Indonesian tourist industry. This is of course, taxpayers’ money and it is important that this will be used well. Every year, my partner and I spend several weeks on the South-West Coast of Java, not far from Cisolok, on the once pristine Wijnkoopsbaai, which - we are told - is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Java. Unfortunately, 2 years ago the large Electricity plant was built on one side of the Wijnkoopsbaai, right in the middle of the planned GEOPark. But perhaps there was no other site available for the Power / Electricity plant. The planned GEOpark, in which a lot of money is invested by several foreign institutions, is expected to become an important Tourist Destination. However, this large Electricity Plant need a lot of (dirty) coal as an energy source, so now large and unsightly / ugly coal barges come into te bay on a regular basis to deliver the coal, and then depart again. THIS, AS WELL AS THE NEW ROAD BEING BUILT FROM PASIR GAMRANG DOWN TOWARDS THE BEACH BESIDE the Ketapang Resort MAY WELL RUIN EVERYONE’S HOPE TO MAKE THIS AREA SO CLOSE TO THE GEOPARK INTO A MAJOR TOURIST DESTINATION ! Below, I will go into a little more detail. During our recent visit in August, we noticed these changes and it was with sadness that upon our return we had to tell our friends in Australia that: A) The once beautiful and pristine Wijnkoopsbaai now has a coming and going of ugly barges and vessels that bring coal to the power plant (and I believe even President Widodo will be able to observe this from his week- end home just outside Pelabuhan Ratu); and B) A main road to allow the many cement trucks driving from the factory in Baya to Pelabuhan Ratu and onwards, that is now being constructed right along this beautiful coastline and will even be going down onto the beach on the shores of the Wijnkoopsbaai will be the end of the peace and quiet of this area. WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW WILL DESTROY ONE OF THE PRETTIEST AND MOST SECLUDED PARTS OF THIS BAY ! The logical and clever thing to do would be to construct a good quality through road A FEW KILOMETERS FURTHER INLAND, AWAY FROM THE COASTAL VILLAGES, SO THAT IN THE FUTURE WHEN WITH INCREASED TRAFFIC IT CAN BE MADE INTO A FREEWAY to connect with the Free- ways around Sukabumi - already under construction. A MAIN ROAD - and later a Freeway close to the coastline WILL FOREVER RUIN THE ENTIRE COASTAL STRIP FOR PRESENT AND FUTURE TOURISM and no amount of money invested by Australia or Indonesia will then be able to save it ! I hope you will take the time to consider the above, as I have written it for the benefit of future tourism in this beautiful part of your country. Yours sincerely, Anja L. van Eeuwen High Range Homestead 1288 Wombeyan Caves Road High Range NSW 2575 Australia