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New Babies at Bali Safari


The Bali Safari and Marine Park is proud to welcome three new members to its happy animal kingdom family. Say hello to Singo, Pembe and Maji! The three healthy, newborn wild babies being lovingly cared for by the team of professional animal keepers at the Park are a white African rhinoceros, a giraffe and a hippopotamus.

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All three babies were the result of a natural birthing process without any human intervention, with a team of expert veterinarians monitoring the entire process on close-circuit TV and ready to intervene if required. If you would like to meet Singo and Pembe, they can be found everyday grazing with their proud parents on the motorized Safari Journey at the Park. Meanwhile, Maji is still receiving special care at the Park’s nursery, scheduled to join Bali Safari’s general population of animals in the near future.

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