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New from Three Buns


Three Buns, the popular burger joint located in Senopati, South Jakarta, just launched its new creations; 3 Bowls at Three Buns. As the name implies, these new offerings consist of three rice bowls topped with a selection of beef, chicken or pork and are seasoned with tasty savoury sauces and other ingredients.

New from Three Buns

Diners can choose between Burning Man, made of 100 gram aged beef patty, gochujang sauce and smoked cheddar, Korean Clucker that consists of fried chicken, kimchi and Korean barbecue sauce, or Bellyfull which is made of miso glazed belly pork, griddled daikon and baked egg. Each has its own uniqueness, so make sure that you taste them all before you pick your favourite.

NOW! Jakarta

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