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Readership Survey - NOW! Jakarta

Dear Readers,

The incredible development of the digital media scene has changed our whole way of getting information. Partly for the good, partly for, to be honest, really bad and dangerous reasons, since much of what we see now is either unnecessary, irrelevant or sadly completely untrue. We at NOW! JAKARTA have always striven to be relevant, ethical and honest-and we hope-interesting, since that’s what will keep you ‘the readers’ coming back! That’s why we need your comments and I’m afraid we need some details so we can fix things you don’t like and enhance things you do like!

Please take this survey below and if you complete ALL the sections, as an appreciation for your participation we will give you six months subscription of NOW! JAKARTA or NOW! BALI FOR FREE. And for those who have already subscribe, NOW! JAKARTA will give six months extention to your subscription periode. You will also be entered into a lucky draw to win two weekend stays in Jakarta or Bali for two winners and will be published in All information provided will be treated with confidentiality and will only be used for internal improvement purposes.

Thank you for your help to keep our magazine relevant, interesting and in tune with today’s needs.

Your Sincerely,


Alistair G. Speirs

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NOW! Jakarta

NOW! Jakarta is the magazine for both international visitors and the international community of Jakarta. It comes with quality content and gives readers a healthy portion of everything the city has to offer: exploring Jakarta, hospitality and chamber updates, dining, arts and culture, events, profiles of Jakarta’s prominent inhabitants, all written in a modern and concise style. NOW! Jakarta is definitely the ultimate guide to keep yourself updated with what is happening in the international communities living in Jakarta!

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