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Seven Deadly Sins


Have you ever heard of these? They are an old, probably “middle ages”, warning programme designed by the Church to get the people to behave! Somewhat like the Ten Commandments received by Moses on Mount Sinai, these are rules of behaviour for our lives.

What is great about them is that they are wonderful old and very much forgotten words, but what they stand for isn’t… here they are:

  • Greed
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

Do you understand them? (if not get online and look them up!)

I don’t think there is a particular order of nastiness, or indeed damnation for succumbing to those, and as you may note they don’t include all the sins available to humanity by a long shot! There’s no mention of murder, rape, theft, adultery, treason, fraud, or corruption but if we stretch our imagination a little, perhaps all of the major crimes come about as a result of our indulgence in one or more of these “SDS”s!

Greed and Envy certainly could lead to corruption and theft, possibly murder especially if a little wrath is thrown in too!

Pride can lead to fraud, Lust to rape and adultery, Sloth to corruption and fraud, Gluttony to obesity and again corruption.

So basically the world’s evils really do start with these archaeic words, even though most people don’t know what they mean!

But if you match them with their opposites, you will quickly understand why we have to not only live by the Seven Cardinal Virtues but use them daily to overcome their deadly counterparts:

  • Greed is matched and overcome by Charity
  • Gluttony is defeated by Temperance and living with restraint
  • Lust is cooled by purity and defeated by Chastity
  • Wrath is tempered by patience and eliminated by Forgiveness
  • Pride is controlled by modesty and overcome by Humility
  • Envy is overcome by industry and Diligence

So why am I telling you all this? Well, of course to live happy, balanced lives free from stress or heartache. We ourselves need to live by these rules, trying hardest to hit the positives every time, but more than that, when we are looking for leaders shouldn’t we honestly ask ourselves what they stand for, not what they say, but what they do? Is it greed, wrath, sloth, envy, pride, lust and gluttony or it is purity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility?

If it’s the first be prepared for a boasting, egoist journey to chaos, if it’s the second be prepared for… nothing… just a quiet peaceful life!

The vote is over.  What do you think we got…?

Alistair G. Speirs

Alistair Speirs

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Ray Foster

2017-06-13 19:45:38 +0700

I agree with Alistair's article, and his conclusions. But, I don't know what we got, as I do not know the new governor and his vice. However, going back to the heading of this issue ... "Will Jakarta be a livable city in the future?", I'm not positive. I would definitely not call it "livable" today. In fact, I never drive outside a few kilos from home these days, but if we must go farther, we use a "ride share" car, just to reduce my stress. My concerns are the same as those of everyone I talk to, i.e., ridiculous traffic jams, people not following the traffic laws and seldom showing any courtesy, poor road conditions, and just too many people wanting to go to the same place at the same time ... just to mention a few. Of course, government corruption is disgusting, but does not directly touch my life on a daily basis. I can only assume that the MRT, additional bus corridors, etc. will have some positive impact on my main concerns, but I don't think it is a certainty. One reason I say that is that in South Jakarta, new high-rise apartments/office/retail continue to be built along the same roadways, with very road modifications or additions. Who is in charge of the roadways? I know some say that if you build more roads, people will buy more cars and motorbikes. I'm sure that's true. But what cannot be denied ... if you put more people in buildings along the same small, broken roads, the traffic mess will be even worse. So, who is in charge of the roads? And, what is the near, medium and long-term plan to reduce traffic stress? What do you think we got…?