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Children Little Museum A Hidden Gem in Singapore

Arts | 20 January 2017

Remember those carefree days as a child when you were outside climbing trees, flying kites and played with simple, often homemade toys – and still had the time of your life?

Children-Little-Museum-A-Hidden-Gem-in-Singapore-(2) Quietly tucked away between shops and cafes at the busy Bussorah Street in Singapore’s Kampong Glam, right in front of the Sultan Mosque, the Children Little Museum is a hidden gem evoking nostalgia of past times when kids weren’t glued to their iPads and mobile phones yet. Stepping into the two-storey museum feels like revisiting one’s childhood. The ground floor houses vintage paraphernalia that also tell the story of how the museum came to life – started by three vintage lovers who wanted to share their collections with the public to gently remind them of their heritage. Some of the items are for sale as well, including jewelry, clothes, toys and old radios and telephones. The tiny courtyard, home to an old Vespa motorbike, adds to the retro look. Children-Little-Museum-A-Hidden-Gem-in-Singapore-(1) A wooden, creaky staircase leads to the second floor where the actual museum is located. Boasting an incredible collection of yesteryear’s toys, from tin soldiers, plastic guns and dolls to rocking horses, pull carts and bicycles, the museum also includes old school banks, a drinks stall and a vintage barber station complete with a shaving knife, scissors and Vaseline: this is what childhood in a typical “kampong” used to look like. The museum is a perfect place to visit for families: while the parents will surely take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the good old days, the children can discover a whole new – in fact, old – world of toys and games. Children-Little-Museum-A-Hidden-Gem-in-Singapore-(3) The museum also organizes kid-friendly activities, including making diamond kites. It gives the children the chance to be creative and learn to make a simple diamond-shaped kite from scratch (which is not as easy as it looks!) with the help of wooden sticks and string. They can even channel their inner Picasso when using crayons and color pens and use the kite as a blank canvas for their artistic aspirations. The most exciting part, of course, comes later in the day, when the children take their kite home and find a place to fly them. The owners also rent out the space for small birthday parties or other functions – an offer that probably not only children are enthusiastic about. Children Little Museum 42 Bussorah Street Singapore T: +65 6298 2713 11 AM to 6 PM Entrance fee: S$ 2