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Dancing Tango on Canvas

Arts | 26 February 2017

Until 8 March, Duta Fine Arts showcases a series of paintings and drawings by the Argentinean artist Liliana Rago revolving around the aesthetics of “Tango Dancers”. Liliana Rago who was born in Argentina in 1956 is a talented tango dancer herself and has always been fascinated by the choreography and music of her native country.

Her oil and acrylic paintings on canvas seem animated, a tribute to colour and light, reflecting passionate emotions. Impressed with the beauty of tango dancers, Liliana brings us to the heart of dance, its strength and finesse, emerging from its Latin roots.

Liliana graduated from the National Fine Arts Academy in Buenos Aires in 1980 and settled down in Paris one year later. Most of her artworks, including paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures have been inspired by dancers, portraits and landscapes. Throughout her career, Liliana has received many national and international awards. Beyond her passion for tango, Liliana’s paintings are regularly exhibited in galleries, mostly in Paris, but her work has also brought her to Indonesia, where she painted and exhibited in 1996 and 2014.