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Arts | 20 October 2020
Photo courtesy of Art Jakarta/NOW!JAKARTA

Scheduled in August, Indonesia's biggest art fair Art Jakarta was to be postponed until next year until the organisers came to the decision to run a virtual exhibit that will run until the end of this year. OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020 runs until 15 December 2020.

Last year’s debut of Art Jakarta at Jakarta Convention Center attracted a wide ranging audience that invigorated enthusiasm in Indonesia's arts and reinforced the importance of the nation's artistic potential. However, this year feels like a setback to the industry as the pandemic continues to loom 7 months in, cancelling a list of events - art or otherwise - that were set for the city's 2020 calendar. 

Industry insiders including artists, galleries andexperts were put on hold as the creative sector, which is considered a non-essential sector, have been struggling in the face of this pandemic.

Prior to this month, the team at Art Jakarta released the statement to suspend the 2020 event and promised a comeback in 2021. This caused a huge loss in moral, to say the least, throughout the whole art industry as many artists, especially emerging ones, have been seeking a way to cope with the existing situation to secure their income.

However, seeing how people's habits have changed during the pandemic - and noticing how people are able to enjoy the arts and entertainment through virtual means, this posed an opportunity for Art Jakarta. 

This year’s Art Jakarta will thus take advantage of the potential of technology by securing a partnership with OPPO - this allows artists and enthusiasts to engage through a 3D experience. Since artists have adapted quickly and applied various forms of digital media, especially new media artists who have a chance to advance their potential in a digital platform.

The final decision to run the Art Jakarta 2020 in virtual format is another commitment to support the member of the homegrown art community who have faced difficulties in the midst of the pandemic.

Art offers an oasis that becomes an important medium for contemplation and reflection during the crisis, yet, the commercial value of this non-essential product including artworks can’t sell their fortune on the internet especially when people save more money to focus on fulfilling their essential needs.

The team at Art Jakarta under the helm of direction by Tom Tandio as Fair Director and Enin Supriyanto as Artistic Director, are aware that modern technology offers artists the opportunity to maintain communication channels, reinforce networks, practice creativity, and also stimulate artist to go to the next level.

“Art market has been disrupted by the pandemic and we have seen the collapse and dire industry. We don’t want that to happen. Instead of giving up, this situation has helped us to advance the art industry to the next level by adapting technology and establishing a 3D Virtual experience,” said Enin Supriyanyo, Artistic Director of Art Jakarta Virtual 2020 during a virtual press conference on Monday, 19 October.

Art Jakarta has listed participation from numerous galleries that bring the names of various artists to display their work at OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020. Officially open for public on 19 October, the audiences at home could explore the virtual exhibition venue by registering their names on the website.

“We hope that people at home could enjoy it and I wish at least there are  39,000 people who will support Art Jakarta this year. Even though there is no specific curatorial for this year's event, we put attention to focus on supporting local artists to keep the creativity alive,” Supriyanto added.

There are 38 galleries participates in Art Jakarta 2020 under established names including Andi’s Gallery, Bale Project, CAN’s Gallery, Edwin’s Gallery, equator Art Project, Gudang Gambar, ISA Art and Design, Puri Art Gallery, ROH Project, Ruci Art Space, Semarang Gallery, etc. Consisted of 27 local and 11 international galleries, Art Jakarta 2020 exhibits a total of 800 artworks on the display of virtual exhibition venue where ones at home will be guided to discover the experience online.

16 Artist collectives whose works under the group of emerging names such as Atreyu Moniaga Project, Omnispace, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Studio Dinding Luar also get together to appear at Art Jakarta 2020. Jakarta Biennale, Makassar Biennale, and Yayasan Biennale Jogja are among community organisations that participate in this digital initiative by Art Jakarta.

In developing the vibrant 3D experience, Art Jakarta engaged with Artnivora, Argi Tendo, and Bagus Pandega to make the exhibition more interactive. The agenda during the three-month-long exhibit is similar to last year including an auction conducted by OPPO.

In partnership with OPPO Find X2, 10 commissioned artist including Aditya Novali, Agan Harahap, Agugn Prabowo, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo, Heri Dono, Mella Jaarsma, Naufal Abshar, R.E. Hartanto, Syagini Ratna Wulan, and Uji “Hahan” Handoko showcase their original works in the OPPO Find Art, an auction whose result will be donated to support the local art community.

“Our technology, OPPO Find Art is designed to conduct an online auction. It’s our commitment to support local artists and build optimism and ecosystem resistance by moving together, collaborating with cross-industry while preparing the progressive movement to the future arts,” said Patrick Owenm Chief Creative Officer of OPPO Indonesia.

OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020 runs until 15 December 2020. Visit the exhibition on and follow Art Jakarta on social media @artjakarta