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Sigifredo Camacho’s Solo Exhibit Sheds Light on Ecuadorian Culture

Arts | 8 October 2018

Ecuadorian painter Sigifredo Camacho presents 20 of his paintings at his solo exhibit “Formas y Colores de la Luz” at Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Kota Tua, Jakarta. His latest works features abstract paintings that demonstrate a living narrative using shapes and light.

 Solo exhibit “Formas y Colores de la Luz” by Ecuadorian painter Sigifredo Camacho at Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA

The exhibit is made possible by the cooperation between the Embassy of Ecuador and the Jakarta government. The programme invites foreign artists to Indonesia art scene. Unveiled at a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Ecuador in Indonesia, H.E. Fabian Valdivieso on 3 October, the works on display were created this year.

The paintings are inspired by Ecuadorian culture. Camacho experiments with the psychology of colour. Here , he painted light which has no solid shape. He used shades which depict blurred objects that may be seen by the naked eye. The colour palette describes the magnitude from certain object in each painting, from tangible objects to the intangible.

Camacho experiments with the psychology of colour.

Works include Cabalgata en Azul (Horse ride in blue), Nostalgia de Loja (Nostalgia of Loja), and La fiesta taurina (The Bullfighting Festival). He has also created painting which describe the mood of seasons such as Ensonacion primaveral (Spring Day Dream), Sonrisas de invierno (Winter Smiles), and Huracán en la colina (Hurricane on the Hill).

He manifests the human feeling with Deseo supremo (Supreme desire), El renacer (The Rebirth), Despertar a la vida (Awakening to Life), Sueno en rojo (Dream in Red), Pasiones (Paassions), and Alma Libre (Free Soul).

Somos el mundo (We are the World) is one of the paintings that drew a lot of visitors in. One of the brightest and most colourful paintings, it depicts earth but also has the image of a human head floating in the ocean.

Sigifredo Camacho was born in Gonzanama, Ecuador. A graduate of the Private Technical University of Loja, he moved to Toscana, Italy,  where he continued study and has been creating his painting and sculpture for over the year. Camacho’s solo exhibit is on until 17 October 2018.

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