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Imperfect Frame from French Photographer Marius Moragues

Culture | 2 October 2019
Aishya is a shy yet sweet 10 year-old girl and was met in Northern Jakarta. Photos by Marius Moragues/NOWJAKARTA

A life-based project undertaken by French photographer and storyteller Marius Moragues portraying the history, arts, soul and society of native Indonesians.

From the friendly smiles to deep spirituality, Marius discovers the best things that make loving Indonesia’s people is as easy as falling in love with the cultural and natural diversity. His love for Indonesia has driven him to explore the nation’s archipelago and discover the unknown. One of the aims of the project is to create a narrative through his lens of photography.

Left: 100 year-old lady living in Madura island and seeing a camera for her first time.
Right: One year old Hani from the traditional village Kampung Naga playing with her cat

As one of the world’s leaders in human nature photography, Marius has spent two out of ten years capturing moments all around Indonesia. Through his eyes, he has been crafting not-so-clichéd life stories that are integral to human culture and designing a travel photo essay, featuring close-up photography of native Indonesians based on places he has visited. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the amazing shots that will be published in the upcoming months.

Left: 8-year-old Beril was met in Karimunjawa island with eye-catching and colorful clothing.
Right: Mbah Eko is 80 years, lives in the outskirt of Yogyakarta, and is one of the liveliest women I ever met last year in my trip

Get in touch with Marius Moragues at and follow him on Instagram @imperfectframe