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Prihal: Artisektur Andaramatin at the National Gallery of Indonesia

DESIGN | 2 December 2019
The grand architecture exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia depicts two decades journey of renowned architect Andra Matin and his studio. Prihal: Arsitektur Andramatin is running until 11 December 2018 at the National Gallery of Indonesia. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

This year, Indonesian prolific architect Isandra Andra Matin celebrates its 20 years career in architecture through the exhibitions Prihal: Arsitektur Andramatin which takes place at the National Gallery of Indonesia. The exhibition highlights the journey of 57 years old architect in the past two decades through 49 works that he has built with his team in andramatin studio.

As a renowned Indonesian architect, Andra Matin doesn’t want to shine alone as the Bandung-born architect wants to celebrate his collaborators as he understands that the architecture design and masterplan requires collaborative works that involve many people behind the scene.

The curators who are also his friends, Artiandi Akbar and Danny Wicaksono provides a narrative that manifests the comprehensive process in andramatin’s architectural works, not only put the spotlight on the masterpieces but also the perspective as well as the idea that influence the quality works that come to life. Here, public also gets a chance to discover andramatin’s unseen pieces that left on the desk, canceled design, as well as the vanity projects that express Andramatin’s big obsession in making a significance chance to the urban/country development including Jakarta.

The Hallway. 
Presented in a pop-up hallway build in wood and rattan, the visitor gets to see a total of 824 architectural designs.

Categorised in eight different parts, Prihal focuses on the role of Andra Matin in Indonesian architecture that transcends its discipline and the property industry and how the character of the architecture studio andramatin is created, nurtured, and managed in a daily basis that led them as the tycoon in architecture.

At the front, visitors are invited to pass through the life lane of andramatin studio from 1998 to 2019. Presented in a pop-up hallway build in wood and rattan, the visitor gets to see a total of 824 architectural designs that have been built and canceled including the major design of Potato Head Bali and ongoing revitalisation project of Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta. While walking through the hallway that accentuates the character of Matin’s design in energy conservation and spacial use, people are able to enrich themselves through and abundant architectureal works spanning to the facade of the gallery building. It’s a good start especially for general public who need to know about andramatin.    

Urban planning for Taman Puring.
Andramatin's design idea on the revitalisation of Medan Merdeka Square and Gambir Station.

As one enters the gallery, one will see the large mockups of Medan Merdeka Square as the vanity idea from the studio to revitalise the most iconic landmark in Jakarta as well as the futurist design of Taman Puring and Taman Ismail Marzuki. Here at Prihal Jakarta, people also get to see that andramatin studio is also involved in the development of the child’s friendly park (RPTRA) in Jakarta.

Prihal Kota Lain provides a depiction of  17 andramatin’s projects in other cities in Indonesian including Banyuwangi Airport and Museum Soekarno in Ende. In the darkroom at Prihal Bentuk, people will experience another dimension of andramatin studio where 20 designs are presented under the dimmed lighting from under, highlighting canceled/demolished designs and the focus on the shape of andramatin’s architectural projects.

Perihal Bentuk.

Step out from the dark and continue the tour to Prihal Material which presented a small room with a reflective mirror on the floor and the ceiling, creating an infinity impression of 10 ventilations design materials. Outside the Building A, one could go to the next building at Gedung B to know more about people who have experience working with Andra Matin, a video testimony presented in the mini theatre at Prihal Yang Berulang. In the last room, Prihal Sehari Hari is a personal space that illustrates the studio of Andramatin where one could have interactive experience on the desk, taking photos and build andramatin’s signature architecture designs from the LEGO.  

The collateral event Prihal Talks: Relations will invite the number of industry experts from abroad including Bangladeshi educator Kazi Khaleed Ashraf, Thai architect Marina Tabassum, curator from Vin Vavaram Architects  Varuds h Vvaram, and Japanese architect  Yoshiharu Tsukamoto.

Build andramatin’s signature architecture designs from the LEGO.  

Prihal: Arsitektur Andramatin is running until 11 December 2018 at the National Gallery of Indonesia.