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Kemala Home Living: A Green Alternative in Home Decorating

MADE IN INDONESIA | 13 December 2019
Home decor product from Kemala Home Living
Introducing Kemala Home Living, a functional, stylish, sustainably-sourced home décor that offers timeless designs. Photos Courtesy of Kemala Home Living/NOWJAKARTA

Among many locally inspired home décor and products that give back to the artisans and communities, Kemala Home Living offers something unique.

Decorating the home is frustrating enough without taking the environment into account, and most eco-friendly décor products are so great you wouldn’t even know they are doing good for the environment by just looking at them. NOW! Jakarta curated a green alternative in home decorating that will help reduce carbon emission and at the same time save your money along the way! 

Introducing Kemala Home Living, a functional, stylish, sustainably-sourced home décor that offers timeless designs. One of the most challenging problems with home décor is changing trends. A type of furniture or home style may be in vogue one year and out of style the next. However, Kemala Home Living ensures that your home décor never goes out of style and you get plenty of use out of it. 

Situated at Pasar Santa, Kemala Home Living has unveiled innovative designs for nature-inspired materials that will serve as a model for resilient and sustainable urban planning. The brand also partners with non-profit organisation to bring skill training to people in the communities with which they work. As of now there are six ceramic and woodwork communities consisting of a group of 60 to 100 people throughout West Java, Central Java and Bali. 

Kemala Home Living

Serving wooden-based materials polished with USDA-certified beeswax, all the products are absolutely safe to use without any harmful sealants or chemicals. Kemala Home Living serves a varied range of eco-friendly products from table decorations, small kitchen appliances, kitchen cutting-boards, cutleries, wooden platters, dinnerware sets, ceramic plates, bowls and glasses and modern home décor. The brand uses reclaimed wood as a raw material in the furniture industry. 

Among the best-selling model is the Skinny Teak Board for your kitchen. Not only is this feature less taxing on the environment, but it also looks classic, elegant and timeless. Another must-have is the Speckles ceramic collection – a modern stylish element to accentuate the personality of your home décor. Comprising of white elegant design, Speckles ceramic collection consists of a dining plate, bowl, dip bowl, and vase. This product is the perfect match for any home decoration style. 

Kemala Home Living

You might also want to purchase Rectangle Trays, as they are good for organisation not only in the kitchen but also in the living room, lounge and basically anywhere you want to put small-medium sized items. In addition, they are also good for serving food and drinks during parties and events. 

Thanks to its eco-conscious materials, quality and timeless products, Kemala Home Living has become a popular home décor brand in Indonesia. Consumers vary ranging from Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Surabaya and expats from Korea, Japan and European countries. Kemala Home Living also plans to slowly grow its international clientele which currently includes F&B industry in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore), Saudi Arabia and Australia. 

Kemala Home Living 

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