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Myka Kids: Cute Teepees for Little Darlings


Myka Kids’ cute teepees will make most —if not all— children go gaga. The little ones will have a very cozy place to play for hours of fun inside the cone-shaped tent; and they can even sleep on its matching soft, padded floor mat, if they wish.

, Myka Kids’ tents, which have a really sturdy, solid feel, use screws instead of rope to put the four wooden poles together, is suitable for children to play around. Photo courtesy of Myka Kids/NOW!JAKARTA

Myka Kids is the brainchild of Airin Sulistio; it was motherhood that inspired Airin to make a tepee, however little did she know that her pet project would turn into a thriving business.

In 2014, when Airin was pregnant with her first child, she wanted to put a lovely teepee (a cone-shaped tent) to adorn her nursery. Airin said that as far as she knew, back then in 2014, there was no teepee on offer in Jakarta. Rather than buying it from any overseas seller, she decided to make one herself.

Airin, who never touched a sewing machine before, decided to learn how to sew hence she could start sewing her own tent. She learned how to make a teepee from scratch from Pinterest, however she said that she made a few modifications to her tents. Airin did not finish her teepee and instead she asked a professional seamstress to finish it, based on her guidance.

One of her friends who visited Airin saw that cute cone-shaped tent on her nursery, and asked Airin to create one for her. In 2015, Airin eventually established Myka Kids; the brand is affectionately named after Airin’s daughter, whose middle name is Mikaela. The first batch consists of twenty teepees; it was a success and the rest is history.

Her business has grown steadily over the years; today, besides teepees and their matching floor mats, Myka Kids also makes buntings, laundry bags (IDR 180,000 per bag) and cushions (IDR 165,000 each).

One important thing that sets Myka Kids’ teepees apart from other tents is while teepees usually use twine or rope to put their poles together, Myka Kids’ tents, which have a really sturdy, solid feel, use screws instead of rope to put the four wooden poles together. Thus, this brand’s cone-shaped tents are very easy to assembled, as easy as 1-2-3.

Airin showed me how to put up and take down the teepee, which was actually as easy as opening and closing an umbrella. Her tents, literally, can be set up and taken down in a few seconds only.

There are three sizes of teepees on offer (note: each tent comes with its detachable matching soft, padded floor mat): large (height: 160 cm, width: 130 cm, length: 130 cm, priced at IDR 1,575,000), medium (height: 130 cm, width: 100 cm, length: 100 cm, priced at IDR 1,125,000), and small aka pet’s teepee (height: 80 cm, width: 60 cm, length: 60 cm, priced at IDR 575,000). “There are people who buy my teepees for their pets,” Airin said.

The teepee’s fabric is detachable from the wooden poles, thus if you have already purchased one of Myka Kids’ tents, then you can buy another teepee without its poles for a cheaper price (the price difference, without poles, would be approximately IDR 300,000).

Creative parents can customise their little ones’ tents and even though the teepees on offer are made with cotton, actually you can order the ones made with canvas, if you wish.

Myka Kids is open to collaborate with other brands or illustrators, too. “They made the illustrations, and then we printed them on the fabrics,” Airin noted. Designer’s Collection is available in two sizes, medium (IDR 1,375,000 - height: 130 cm, width: 100 cm, length: 100 cm) and large (IDR 1,875,000 - height: 160 cm, width: 130 cm, length: 130 cm).

This brand targets parents who are willing to pay premium prices for quality materials and craftsmanship. Indeed, quality is Myka Kids’ middle name – its goods are available at premium department stores, namely Galeries Lafayette, Seibu and Sogo. It is surely difficult to get your foot in the door of upscale establishments, unless you offer unique or beautiful quality products.

All in all, Myka Kids is the brand to check out when you want to splurge on your little darlings; boys and girls (or their parents) will have a variety of cool collections to choose from, such as circus, ballerina and underwater world, among others.

The teepee’s comfortable soft, padded floor mat ensures that the little ones will have a good time playing inside it, whether you put the tent in their nursery or in the garden.


Myka Kids’ goods are available at: Galeries Lafayette (Pacific Place mall), Seibu (Grand Indonesia) and Sogo (Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Karawaci, Lippo Puri, Emporium Pluit).

Online marketplaces: Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee.

Instagram: @myka_kids |  LINE: @mykakids  |  Whatsapp: +62 877 8110 7167