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A Night to Remember at Hilton Bandung with the Bandung Philharmonic

Music | 26 March 2018

Through a night of world-class performance, the five-star Hilton Bandung makes its mark as an oasis for high culture.

Hilton Bandung hosted a performance by the Bandung Philharmonic as they showcased the world premiere of “Krakatoa” .
Photo courtesy of Hilton Bandung/NOW!JAKARTA

On January 27, Hilton Bandung hosted a performance by the Bandung Philharmonic as they showcased the world premiere of “Krakatoa”, a masterpiece by American composer Stacy Garrop. The gala orchestra, held in the Grand Ballroom of Hilton Bandung, was attended by a host of music enthusiasts as well as prominent local and international musicians. It was, all in all, a special night for many.

For the three-year-old Bandung Philharmonic, the night marked its first big performance in 2018, wowing the audience with great collaboration and totality in each song, led by Robert Nordling as conductor and with impeccable performance by internationally renowned soloist and Director of Education for the Bandung Philharmonic Michael Hall.

Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University, “Krakatoa” is a violin concerto that tells about the dramatic eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in 1883. Divided into four main phases according to the eruptions, Krakatoa began with the violinist uneasily playing as the orchestra, which represented the volcano, showing ever-increasing signs of awakening. It then burst forth into the second movement, proceeding through four eruptions that got progressively more cataclysmic. After the final and most violent eruption, the violist played a cadenza that eases the volcano into the third movement. In this final movement, the volcano slumbered, with a hint of Anak Krakatau forming under the sea. The movement ended peacefully with an array of string harmonics, representing the intense and brilliantly colored sunset generated by Krakatoa’s ash in the earth’s atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of Hilton Bandung/NOW!JAKARTA
Photo courtesy of Hilton Bandung/NOW!JAKARTA

The concert also brought to centre stage traditional West Javanese music, through “Aki Manggul Awi” (Old Man Hauling Bamboos), one of Tan De Seng’s Sundanese classical music repertoires which has been re-arranged by Fauzie Wiriadisastra into a wind ensemble. The piece depicts a hard-working old man making ends meet to support his family.

That aside, the night also featured works by Edvard Grieg (“Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Op. 46”), Modest Mussorgsky (“Night on Bald Mountain) and Bedrich Smetana (“The Moldau”).

Robert Nordling, the Music Director of Bandung Philharmonic, says he’s proud to work with the orchestra group and intends to share more masterpieces with the Bandung Philharmonic.

The Grand Loby of Hilton Bandung.
Photo courtesy of Hilton Bandung/NOW!JAKARTA

For Hilton Bandung, the collaboration with Bandung Philharmonic is a testament of its commitment to support the development of arts and culture.

“We’re open to having other communities come and experience creativity. With Bandung Philharmonic, it’s a great partnership and we’re happy to have cooperated with them and helped them move to the next level, and make more people know about contemporary and orchestra music,” said Kevin Girard, the General Manager of Hilton Bandung Hotels and Resorts.