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My Little Pony Musical Rainbow Rocks

Music | 3 December 2016

In times when parents struggle with finding age-appropriate entertainment for their young ones, it’s a relief to know that somewhere out there are shows that preach good morality. Safe to say, My Little Pony Musical: Rainbow Rocks is one of them, and thankfully, the show has made it to Jakarta.

My Little Pony Musical Rainbow Rocks The story has it that at one time, the Canterlot High School was under the dark spell of The Dazzlings, a popular band that features three girls whose personalities leave a lot to be desired. “We’re here to let you know our time is now. Your time is running out… We’ll make you want to stay. We will be adored. Tell us that you want us. We won’t be ignored… Now you need us, come and heed us. Nothing can stop us now,” they sang on stage. Up against them is another band of girls whose strength lies in the magic of their friendship. They had decided that it was time to end the darkness, and that they were going to do it through music. “You’re never gonna bring me down. You’re never gonna break this part of me. My friends are here to bring me ‘round, not singing just for popularity. We’re here to let you know that we won’t let it go. Our music is a bomb and it’s about to blow. You can try to fight but we have got the light of friendship on our side!” they shot back. In such friendship and girl power themes are the strength of My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks, a 90-minute musical staged recently at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Gandaria City. Inspired by the children’s animated fantasy television series My Little Pony, which were first produced in 1981 by Hasbro and relaunched in 2010, the show has captivated millions of girls worldwide with the saga of its six protagonists. Applejack (power of honesty), Fluttershy (kindness), Pinkie Pie (laughter), Rarity (generousity), Rainbow Dash (loyalty) and Twilight Sparkle (magic) – each of these ponies boasts millions of adoring fans. In cooperation with US-based multinational toy company Hasbro, show promoter Sorak Gemilang Entertainment brought a total of more than 40 crew and cast members from the United Kingdom. The cast, which includes Poppy Almond, Lucy Andrews, Joanna Bird and Jasmine Bradford among others, hoped that the musical would teach children positive values in life. “It is not everyday you can live your childhood dream. When we were kids, My Little Pony was our favourite show. It is great to see the wonder and excitement in the kids’ faces. This show is suitable for both kids and adults and hopefully everyone will leave feeling happy and positive after watching this performance,” they said. My Little Pony Musical Rainbow Rocks It took the cast two weeks of rehearsal in London, and another week in Jakarta, prior to the show. In general though, the preparation for the show lasted three months, covering music, lighting, sound, cast and costumes – time and effort well spent for the show’s Indonesian producer. “This is the very first time an Indonesian, namely myself, gets to produce the show. I’m taking the chance to step forward, to do something for our country. It’s not easy, so I really appreciate the support of such a capable creative team of my fellow Indonesians,” said Sorak Gemilang Entertainment Cofounder and My Little Pony Musical Producer Mervi Sumali during a press conference prior to the premiere. “We are proud to be a part of such a big show. I would like to put Indonesia on the map of the international entertainment industry. For years, we’ve only been a market, but now we can make qualified shows too. We’re blessed with a rich culture and lots of tourism potentials as well as promising local talents.” My Little Pony Musical: Rainbow Rocks was written by Hugh Osborne, directed by Jamie Neale and produced by DMS Production with a license from Hasbro. After Jakarta, the musical will travel to ten cities across Asia and Australia.