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BritCham at SIAL Interfood

CHAMBER UPDATES | 11 December 2017

The UK is currently Indonesia’s 5th largest investor, and with the outcome of the European Union referendum in 2016 resulting in a vote for Britain to leave, companies are looking beyond Europe. 

In 2017, global sales of UK-exported food and drink hit the £20 billion mark for the first time in history,
meaning exports grew by 12% in the sector.  Photo courtesy of BritCham

With Indonesia making up 40% of the ASEAN population and GDP, BritCham is experiencing an influx of businesses looking to establish a presence in Indonesia. The growing partnership between Great Britain and Indonesia has become paramount to British business interests. 

With the proliferation of the Indonesian market and a rising middle class, it’s not hard to see why British companies are targeting the country. As the British Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs stated recently, “We have ambitious plans to produce and export more of our fabulous foods around the world, and more businesses are trying exporting for the first time.”

UK’s food and beverage industry almost doubled its exports to Indonesia as the largest manufacturing sector in the decade to 2014. Thanks to the UK’s expertise in the industry, its international reputation and adherence to high standards and regulations, it presents high-quality products to Indonesian consumers. 

UK food and drink products are exported around the world and enjoyed in over 200 countries and territories, including increasingly in Indonesia. In 2015, exports from the UK were worth over £18.1 billion. In February 2017, global sales of UK-exported food and drink hit the £20 billion mark for the first time in history, meaning exports grew by 12% in the sector. 

With this in mind, BritCham will be attending the SIAL Interfood expo with the Britain is GREAT pavilion, alongside three high quality and hugely successful British food and beverage companies: Somerdale International Ltd, exporters of classic British cheese; The Waterfalls Group, a company specialising in delivering the best food and beverage products across the world, and Cambridge Weight Plan, a DIY weight management company. All companies will be seeking out opportunities to partner with Indonesian distribution companies and the like. With all the British companies planning to attend SIAL currently manufacturing in the UK, they have spotted unique gaps in the Indonesian market, making them highly desirable products for any major distributors.

Therefore, starting with SIAL in November, we hope to see the continued expansion of the business relationship between Indonesia and the UK in the food and beverage sector. If you are a distributor or looking for partnerships with UK companies in the F&B industry, do not hesitate to contact BritCham prior to the expo and we can arrange a meeting with our clients. Please email [email protected] for more information.