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Building Bilateral Relations Through Business

Country Focus | 23 July 2020
Operating on the philosophy of connecting people, ideas, concepts and actions, the IFCCI thrives as it brings Indonesia and France that much closer through business.

Responding to the need of a business umbrella for French companies doing business with and in Indonesia, the IFCCI was established in 1986, operating under CCI France International, an association of Overseas French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The objective of IFCCI has always been to bring together French and Indonesian business communities IFCCI gathers the French and Indonesian business communities with the objective of developing bilateral professional contacts. As such, IFCCI mission is to contribute on developing and fostering commercial relations between France and Indonesia.

Thanks to some very versatile actions and activities, such as providing a comprehensive information platform, promoting members’ interests to industry leaders and key decision-makers, offering an extensive range of business services and communication tools and sharing access to people and information, the IFCCI is able to respond to the needs of large corporations as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs in a timely manner. In addition, the chamber also organises dynamic business-oriented events—both offline and digital—for Indonesian and French business community to take part in, giving them opportunity to share their professional experience and obtain industry updates.

Located in Wijaya, IFCCI has its own membership programme where all members get free exposure of their businesses on IFCCI’s website, newsletter and of course, members will have easier access to any legal papers that are needed, a service that is also offered by the IFCCI for businesses looking to expand or establish itself in the country.

As a member-driven organisation, IFCCI is among the most active of the chambers of commerce in the country. During the pre-plague era, this organisation holds luncheons, business meetings, monthly gatherings and networking events, one of which is an event where all French businessess in the country take part in one glamorous night with authentic French food and wines.

The organisation has also released a directory, a comprehensive database covering all French businesses in Indonesia and is recognised as a unique reference book for people interested in doing business with the French community in Indonesia. They also publish a weekly e-newsletter that is distributed to 3000 executives and managers in more than 600 firms in Indonesia.

Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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