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Erasmus Training Centre: Dutch Language and Training Centre

Country Focus | 9 April 2019

Considering a degree or embarking on a work experience in the Netherlands? Make sure to pick Erasmus Training Centre (ETC) to help you reach your goals. Now! Jakarta spoke to Director Fons van Oosterhout and learn what the institution has to offer.

Erasmus Training Centre is a Jakarta-based full service language and training provider which facilitates the transfer of education skills, Dutch language and cultural programmes for individuals, practitioners, students and companies. Photo courtesy of Erasmus Traning Centre/NOW!JAKARTA

ETC is a Jakarta-based full service language and training provider. Formerly known as the “Erasmus Taalcentrum” the institution was established in 1981 and has since become a conduit to facilitate the transfer of education skills, Dutch language and cultural programmes for individuals, practitioners, students and companies. In 2017, the centre started anew by a group of Nuffic Neso Indonesia, the Dutch Embassy, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, the University of Groningen and the VU University Amsterdam namely Erasmus Training Centre.

Whether to study, work or just live anywhere in the Netherlands, the type of experience you have during your time in the country will vary hugely depending on your purposes. With this in mind, ETC’s mission is to provide a full package of Dutch language competence and any consultation on the Netherlands related topics such as the cultural knowledge and situations in perspectives, thus gaining a thorough understanding of the cultural, educational and business in the Holland environment.

For students pursuing a degree (either a bachelor’s, master’s or a Ph.D.) in the Netherlands, the institution helps prepare them for the academic possibilities in the country. That said, ETC believes that building cultural awareness—thereby reducing culture shock— will eventually ease professional integration and ability to study, work and live in the Dutch environment.

Learning language at Erasmus Training Centre. Photo courtesy of Erasmus Traning Centre/NOW!JAKARTA
Erasmus Training Centre is located at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Erasmus Traning Centre/NOW!JAKARTA

“Pre-departure courses are provided so that students have a level of competencies and are confident in their knowledge of the country. As teaching and learning culture is different in the Netherlands it is also important that students know about the educational expectations, so students are well prepared for any challenge and have a greater change of success,” Fons said.

As the Netherlands’ leading training centre, ETC has committed to always improving growth not only for its customers but also for the development opportunities between Indonesia and the Netherlands. According to the records, there are over 1,000 participants with diverse backgrounds from Indonesia taking the course per year.

There are three semesters divided into three different levels. Each level consists of an average time of three months divided into 60 hours, at 12 or 20 meetings. Within just one year one can actually reach out to Basic 3 level as the basis feature, followed by another two higher levels; Intermediate and Advance. As for the teachers, students will study with professionals who are alumni highly ranked state universities. Also, native Dutch speakers contribute in the pre-departure class.

When asked about some of the big challenges, Fons stated, “We are trying hard to stay relevant and to keep up to date with the latest trends in our country; be it cultural, educational or the modern working world. As we are the representation of the Dutch society in Indonesia, it is paramount to pay attention to the latest updates in our country.”

Director ofErasmus Training Centre (ETC) Fons van Oosterhout. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

In the future, the institution hopes to expand more programmes and build meaningful community to create new learning spaces, knowledge and skills that can enhance the community.


Erasmus Training Centre

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