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Goethe-Institut Indonesien: Thriving Beyond Border

Country Focus | 8 October 2019
Goethe-Institut Indonesien: Thriving Beyond Border
Goethe-Institut is one of the most active cultural centres in Jakarta that regularly hosts various kinds of events. Photo Courtesy of Goethe-Institut /NOWJAKARTA

The German cultural institute in Indonesia is a place where the community flock and a hub that facilitates literature, humanitarian and cross-border projects over several decades.

This year, Goethe-Institut Indonesien has organised more than 50 projects and events that have successfully engaged many in academic discussion, language programmes, workshops, film screening, and community gatherings. In conjunction with 25 years of Jakarta-Berlin as Sister City, the cultural ties between those countries are even stronger with the open door and support from the German cultural centre, which has become an independent hub for cultural exchange and dialogue.

In 2019, the German cultural institute was involved in many significant events, including the celebration of Garin Nugroho’s 35 years career as prolific Indonesian directors and a conversation with ruangrupa as the first Asian collective who curates world-renowned exhibition Documenta 2022 in Kassel, Germany. At its representative office in Bandung, West Java, Goethe runs the longest interactive photo exhibition in its history. 

With the current director, Dr. Stefan Dreyer, Goethe-Institut Indonesien leads progressive projects towards research and collaboration followed by rising demands of its German-language programme available for those looking to study and work in Germany. The international standard learning programme is open for consultation service at its representative office in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

Working based on the philosophy of ‘Sprache, Kulturm Deutschland’, Goethe Institut has been hosting a number of events at its multifunctional hall, Goethehaus from a discussion about literature to embassy events. At its library and classrooms, the institution provides a glimpse of information about living in Germany. Through a number of intercultural initiatives, the institution has become a sponsor and supporter of the creative industry in a range of art, music, photography, film and dance.

Without being said, Goethe has progressive stream on the film industry as the establishment is the home for many film screenings such as German Cinema, Science Film Festival, Art House Cinema and Europe on Screen. Over the year, the cultural centre has screened hundreds of indie and commercial movies and invite cinematographers for film workshops and discussions.

Entrepreneur Hub, Alur Bunyi, 5 Islands / 5 Villages, and artist residency programme are created to challenge industry players beyond the border and to be a trailblazer for industry innovation. Thanks to Goethe, an institution that embraces community, ideas, diversity and creativity, making the place a laboratory for humanitarian and civil society.

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