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The Japan Foundation Jakarta: Building A Cultural Bridge

Country Focus | 8 September 2016

What’s Japan to you—high technology, skyscrapers, anime and food? There’s certainly more than that coming from a country with extraordinary culture like no other in the world.

1. MAU J-ASEAN Dance Collaboration - Agung Perkasa N And that is exactly the reason why The Japan Foundation is here in Jakarta, to help people get to know the Land of the Rising Sun better, in its modern and traditional ways of living. Founded with the objective to promote international cultural exchange, The Japan Foundation in Indonesia sets out to concentrate on three main areas: cultural, language and intellectual exchange. “The Japan Foundation Jakarta’s activities are varying, ranging from language courses to arts and cultural events. We welcome everyone to participate in our exciting events. One of our biggest programmes recently is ‘Nihongo Partners’ which aims to spread the charms of Japanese language through learning support and various cultural activities,” said Mr. Tsukamoto Norihisa, who heads The Japan Foundation Jakarta, in perfect Bahasa Indonesia. Through Nihongo Partners, the Japan Foundation Asia Center dispatches 150 native Japanese speakers to Indonesia in 2016 in order to help and support local Japanese language teachers in numerous secondary educational institutions throughout the country. The programme began in 2014 and is expected to continue until 2020. 22. HANDs! Project “Japanese language is very popular in Indonesia and the number of the students keeps increasing from year to year. In fact, based on a 2012 survey, Japanese language enthusiasts in Indonesia are regarded as the second largest in the world. Therefore we hope this progamme can accommodate the needs of Indonesian students and encourage them to continue their language education into further levels,” said Mr. Tsukamoto. Apart from this programme, students can also take language courses in at The Japan Foundation Jakarta, a well-equipped language-learning hub with integrated facilities, a spacious library offering more than 20 thousand books, CDs and DVDs, as well as a multi-purpose hall. Given all its efforts and achievements, The Japan Foundation Jakarta has firmly established itself as one of the busiest and forward-thinking cultural houses in town. Lively Activities 2016 is an especially exciting year for the Japan Foundation in Jakarta with a long list of attention-grabbing events. 26. HANDs! Project At the end of the month, the Foundation will be hosting a performance by Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project, a well-respected Japanese performing arts company, at the Graha Bakti Budaya in Taman Ismail Marzuki. “Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project is no stranger to Indonesian theater enthusiasts; they have visited and performed at Indonesia’s stage for several times already. This year, they will return to act the legendary Sanskrit folklore, Mahabharata. Hiroshi Koiko Bridge Project is collaborating with Yogyakarta-based local theatre group named Teater Garasi for this show. This partnership will surely create unique combination that hopefully can attract wider audience,” said Mr. Tsukamoto. Later this year, The Japan Foundation Jakarta will be organising the Japanese Film Festival, in collaboration with Asia Center. There are around ten newly-released movies to screen at FX Sudirman, focusing on film genres beyond the mainstream Japanese animation movies. 10. Nihongo Partners Activity “The Japanese Film Festival is organised regularly and is aimed at promoting our diverse film culture. While Japanese anime is very popular among young Indonesians, we need to make more effort to introduce other film genres that showcase the different aspects of Japan. The festival will be held in the end of November for four days,” added Mr. Tsukamoto . The Japan Foundation Jakarta also offers programme named JF Yuk, which aims to invite local educational institutions to visit and learn more about the centre. Others areas of importance for the Japan Foundation are the environment and natural disasters. One of its leading projects, called HANDs! Project, is geared towards promoting dialogues and exchanges between the youth in Japan and other Asian countries that have faced natural disasters, in order to deepen mutual understandings and build networks among young leaders, as well as encourages collaborative efforts for disaster education through human capacity development. “HANDs! Project is an annual programme which focuses on intellectual exchange for environmental and disaster education in creative ways. Every year, 25 fellows are selected from eight countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Japan. They will go on a study trip to four countries (Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand) to learn more about disaster prevention and countermeasures. After the programme finished, they will create their own projects to be adapted in their own communities,” said Purwoko Adhi Nugroho, Assistant Program Officer, Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange Section. 3. Asian Youth Jazz Orchestra - Zico Pestalozzi With lots of windows to look into the Japanese culture and ways of living, The Japan Foundation is steadily becoming the number one go-to place for Indonesians interested to learn more about that country. To stay updated with their various activities and latest news, follow their social media platforms, Facebook page; Instagram and Twitter. Summitmas 1 Building, 3rd Floor Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 61-62, Jakarta 12190 T: +62-21 520 1266