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Blue Bird to Reduce 50% Carbon and Waste by 2030

Industries | 29 April 2022

On 1st May this year, Blue Bird celebrated its 50th anniversary in serving the transportation needs of the Indonesian people. Now in its golden age, the company focuses on its sustainable vision: to reduce 50% carbon emissions and operational waste. 

PT Blue Bird Tbk (Bluebird) announced its commitment to realizing its Sustainable Vision 50/30 agenda, which is an illustration of the company’s strategy to reduce 50% of carbon emissions and operational waste by 2030.

Blue Bird’s Sustainable Vision 50/30 is designed to answer the needs of the community and stakeholders for sustainable transportation products and services that pay attention to environmental, social and overall corporate governance aspects.

President Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk, Sigit Djokosoetono said, “Bluebird believes that in realizing sustainable development, especially sustainable transportation, the government needs support and synergy from various stakeholders, including business people. Through the Sustainability Vision 50/30, Bluebird hopes to be able to prove the company’s commitment to reducing 50% of carbon emissions and operational waste by 2030, and implement it into the three pillars of the Sustainability Vision, namely BlueSky, BlueLife, and BlueCorps.”

He added, “Through the BlueLife pillar, Blue Bird is committed to improving the quality of social life through Blue Bird Peduli (Blue Bird Cares), Bluebird Academy, Asrama Perempuan (women’s dormitory), and Kawan Blue Bird (Blue Bird Friends). The BlueSky pillar is focused on improving environmental quality by targeting several concrete commitments by 2030. Meanwhile, through the BlueCorps pillar, the Company seeks to improve the quality of corporate business governance,” 

Meanwhile, the President Commissioner of PT Blue Bird Tbk and the Coordinator of Blue Bird Peduli, Noni Purnomo explained that Blue Bird has always adhered to the values instilled by its founders and has always been a pioneer in land transportation services.

“Since its inception, the main value of Blue Bird’s services has been to bring happiness, not only to the Blue Bird group’s extended family, but also to society and the environment. These noble values are the basis for the inauguration of the Blue Bird Sustainability Vision today, in line with the government’s agenda to realize sustainable transportation.” Noni Purnomo said. 

This sustainable step has its own meaning for more than 2000 employees and more than 20,000 Blue Bird drivers, because this commitment will be the foundation of the company’s business strategy going forward.

This vision also supports national development in which infrastructure and transportation development must adhere to sustainable principles, in addition to changes in transportation characteristics in the community which also demand better and faster service improvements.

As said by the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi, “Development of a transportation system does not only focus on aspects of costs and services but also has to pay attention to its impact on the environment". 

Development of a sustainable transportation system limits emissions or waste, and can minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources.”

At the age of 50 this year, “Sang Burung Biru” (The Blue Bird) interprets it by being committed to realizing its sustainable vision which is in line with the philosophy of the Blue Bird name, namely as a bringer of happiness for employees, drivers, communities and the environment.