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Cow Style Indonesia Revamps Website with New Interactive and Dynamic Features

Industries | 17 September 2021

Since 2011, Indonesian company PT Lifestyle Indonesia has been the official distributor of Japan’s number #1 skincare and beauty product brand, Cow Brand. The company has recently launched its revamped website of Cow Style Indonesia ( with an updated and new design, which was announced through Cow Style Indonesia’s official social media platforms.

The updated look of Cow Style Indonesia’s website is dominated by red hues, reflecting the corporate colour of the Cow Style brand. The website has also been developed to be more dynamic, appealing and in line with the recent trends for both desktop and mobile displays. Other than the updated design and appearance, the website has an array of additional menus and unique features that were not incorporated on the previous website.

Below is a list of all the new and exciting features on the brand-new Cow Style Indonesia website:

Online Shopping Features

The online shopping feature is the Cow Style website’s new and most exciting addition! You can now shop directly through the website with ease because they’ve made sure to apply a simple shopping method as if you’re in a marketplace. Customers can select their preferred payment method and shipping service. To make things easier, customers don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an account to be able to shop on the website. Additionally, the website offers a variety of enticing promos.

Virtual Video Tour of Cow Style’s Factory in Japan

Visitors of the website can now also enjoy a wonderful virtual experience of visiting a Cow Brand factory in Japan via a 360° virtual tour, where they’ll witness how Cow Brand’s soap products are produced by expert craftsmen at the biggest soap factory in Osaka, Japan.

In-depth Product Info and Dynamic Marketing Activities

As a renowned, leading skincare company in Japan, Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha has produced numerous long-lasting brands. The updated website now fully informs customers of the advantages and benefits of its products through an appealing design. Additionally, the website also features information on marketing activities of the brand that are conducted in Japan as well as a few articles in Indonesia regarding brand activities.

Customer Reviews

People who are well-versed in the world of online shopping knows that the customer review feature is extremely helpful in decision-making when there are references from previous buyers, which is why the new website now displays numerous reviews from customers that have purchased Cow Style products.

"In this pandemic, we are increasingly concerned with health & safety, the tendency is that it is safer and more comfortable to shop online. We would like to provide loyal Cow Style customers with more accessibility to our products, apart from the official stores in e-commerce marketplaces, allowing our customers to shop on the official Cow Style brand website. From there, we developed the idea to redesign the website by adding shopping features and revamping the layout into a more 'modern' appearance," said Iwan Bell, Director of Operations at PT Lifestyle International.

Cow Style is now offering a special 20% discount valid for all Cow Style products at If you want to stay updated with the latest information and promotions, be sure to subscribe to Cow Style’s newsletter.


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