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Emergenetics: In the Quest for Better Communication, Perhaps a Solution?

Industries | 14 February 2019

Emergenetics is a tool that delves into one’s behavioural and thinking preferences to determine the best way to help individuals communicate more effectively. Ranjit Jose spoke to Siddharta Moersjid, CEO of Emergenetics International - Indonesia to find out more.

Emergenetics was founded in early 90’s by Geil Browning a teacher who worked and co-created the Emergenetics Profile with Wendell William a businessman, both of them are psychologists. Photo courtesy of Emergenetics/NOW!JAKARTA

How did you get started in communications?
I always say that I started as an automat rather than a diplomat. I was in studying to be a silversmith in Sheffield when British universities were free.  When the policies changed in 1978 and foreign students were charged fees, I wasn’t able to afford it so I dropped out. Soon after I got a job at the Indonesian Embassy in London as a telex operator. In three months I joined the information department and took a few classes in communications after work. So that was my first experience with communications. In 1982 Aburizal Bakrie offered me a scholarship to finish my studies so I did a certificate course in London. In 1985 I returned to Jakarta to work for Bakrie. Here I established the PR department. My first big project was redesigning the company’s logo. I later moved to Freeport and still worked in communications.

In 2006, I came across a book on Emergenetics written by Geil Browning. It was probably the first book i read from cover to cover! I had been asked to do an assessment before that and asked the HR who explained to me the result of the assessment: “what next?” He couldn’t answer the question. After I read about Emergenetics, I found all the answers.

Emergenetics measures everyone in an organisation and helps them understand themselves and others. Soon after I read the book, I took the Emergenetics certification in Hong Kong.

What, then, is Emergenetics?
Emergenetics International is an organizational development consulting company dedicate to realizing the potential of people in organizations, community and at home. The head office is in the US and two regional offices covering Asia-Pacific and Europe-Middle East. To me it’s a tool to help people communicate better. We measure preferences from seven attributes, three behavioral and four thinking.

We give workshops, called “the Meeting of the Minds”. This is our signature workshop that help people experience the Emergenetics concept.

Emergenetics was founded in early 90’s by Geil Browning a teacher who worked and co-created the Emergenetics Profile with Wendell William a businessman, both of them are psychologists.

What have the results been that you’ve seen?
I’ve made use of this in my own home. My wife and i have been married over 30 years but after I saw her profile, I understood her. We use the language of grace in Emergenetics. You don’t mention someone’s attributes as more or less. One may express oneself in a talkative way or a quiet way, so both are expressive, no one is more or less. We don’t want to make people feel they’re lacking. That’s how we are and it doesn’t mean we’re more or less. It’s not a competition, it is a preference. You have certain “blind spots”. You can be good at some things and still have blind spots that you can work on. So, first you need to understand your own strengths and use your strengths to understand others, so that others may understand you better. That’s what Emergenetics is all about.

CEO of Emergenetics International - Indonesia, Siddharta Moersjid.

You’ve been in communications for three decades. What are your thoughts on the field currently?
This tool is one with which you can understand others. That person is not in the same level but how do we link ourselves? Communications is the intent and impact so if we still have the gap between intention and impact, but when they are equal that’s effective communication.