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How to Make Your Event Stand Out Through Tapping into the FOMO Factor

Industries | 8 October 2019


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GoWork gives you tips to organise events. Photos courtesy of GoWork/NOWJAKARTA

FOMO is a powerful feeling. It drives people to spend their resources just to immerse themselves in an experience that they feel that they’re missing out on. People don’t want to be “out of the loop”, and not being able to connect with those who are “in the know”. It is a pervasive, passive anxiety that’s always present in our world - which is laden with endless status updates and in-the-moment breaking news.

These special moments or experiences build a sense of temporary exclusivity. After a fashion, they are “do it now or never at all” kind of deal. In this regard, FOMO is a powerful marketing method that event organisers can tap into easily when done right.

The Ultimate Strategy for an Event to be FOMO’d about

This boon, however, comes with a caveat. Citizen Relations found that FOMO has additional impacts on a person’s emotion, in which they found that it triggers envy, jealousy, and disappointment. A careful balance has to be found and maintained, lest driving a wedge between your event and its potential audience.

Now, imagine applying this strategy to an event, relying on the experience that the audience shares with their peers and colleagues. This will create a ripple effect of interest, and ultimately a wave of FOMO. This is when you’ve fully tapped into the FOMO factor.

To create a truly memorable event, you’ll need a versatile event space that can cater to any needs of the event to be adjusted and designed for an event to build an experience to FOMO for.

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GoWork believes that innovation takes form when smart ideas meet spaces that inspire them. Their creative and event spaces are designed to inspire, awe and energise. From art exhibitions to digital marketing classes, these spaces are extremely versatile and were built to be able to integrate experiences of all forms.

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Situated in strategic and convenient locations, these event and creative spaces will have your guests and attendees worry less about getting to your event, and enjoy their time throughout your functions.

Now, if you’re thinking about kicking your event into gear, visit GoWork’s home on the web to find out more about creative and events spaces that can support your wildest ideas to create an event to FOMO for.