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NCSR, ICBSD, Global Impact and IEF Become MVB Indonesia’s Strategic Partners

Industries | 9 March 2018

All MVB Indonesia’s programs for 2018 are focused on highlighting and promoting business responsibility, sustainability and CSR programs. However, looking at how many companies are still very profit-oriented and don’t concentrate that much on improving internal practices and integreating with their communities, we have responded with actual realisable ways that our members can start their journey to real sustainability. That is why MVB Indonesia’s activities are supported by a group of leading organizations that ensure our work is focused on the most relevant challenges and on the areas of greatest potential impact. 

Through a series of activations and collaborations, we are determined to show to all who are ready to listen that sustainability is no longer an option, it is a must!

As a major part of our 2018 strategy, we are introducing some organizations that we proudly call our MVB Strategic Partners.

National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR)
For the purpose of assisting, developing, measuring and reporting of the implementation of CSR/ Corporate Sustainability (CS) there is a need for an independent organization. That is why the “NATIONAL CENTER FOR SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING (NCSR)” has been established. It comprises of corporations, organizations and professional individuals who have the vision and commitment in implementing and developing Sustainable Development in Indonesia.

As its objective to “fulfill the need for humans now without demolishing the capability of future generations in fulfilling their needs” (Bruntland Report 1987), the strategy of development must be based upon three main pillars, which are: Environment, Social and Economic”.

Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN)
Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) is the local network of the United Nations Global Compact in Indonesia. On 8 April, 2006 in Jakarta, 22 companies and organizations made a mutual commitment and signed the pledge to support, promote and implement the United Nations Global Compact Principles.

The principles translate into the following services for its members:

  • Promoting the UN Global Compact Principles and its initiatives.
  • Facilitating dialogues/ discussions for members on development and other issues concerning the implementation of the UN Global Compact Principles.
  • Conducting trainings and sharing of experiences for members.
  • Creating cooperation opportunities through multi-stakeholder engagement and collective actions.

Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD)|
Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world. It can also help companies to retain the best human resources, and make them more attractive to investors and insurers, while reducing exposure to regulatory risks and other liabilities.

The Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) is a CEO-led association of companies, who share a commitment to promoting sustainable development through sustainable economic growth, ecological balance and provides a platform for businesses to share and promote best practice in tackling risks and taking advantage of opportunities related to sustainable development.

Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF)
Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF) brings together business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Indonesia and the region. Founded in 2014, IEF is in its third year. Each year, it focuses on a unique theme that is fundamental to Indonesia’s growth story.

IEF aims to create actionable information and knowledge that will help business leaders contribute to the growth of their companies, the country and region.

The reason for creating these strategic partnerships is to join together in pursuing the goal of making Indonesia a better place to live and work, with companies thriving through more efficient practices and communities enjoying protected and sustainable environments. We need to eliminate competition and maximise collaboration.

We are also partnering with organizations, institutions and companies that will add additional strength to our programs: CECT Trisakti,  BINUS University,  Towards Sustainable Business (TSB), AVANI eco, Waste4Change, Baywa. Re, Sanctuary Security, Bravo One, Action Coach and Kiroyan Partners, who bring skills, vision and experience to directly help our members.