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Preference Hotels Introduces New Website For Easy Bookings

Industries | 8 November 2016

Living in the digital era means that we all have to adapt. Preference Hotels, managed by Tauzia, is introducing a new website concept to increase its services and make bookings easier for its guests. The new website provides more in-depth information that especially first-time guests to the hotel and still unfamiliar with the Tauzia brands.

Preference Hotels Introduces New Website For Easy Bookings The website presents an overview of the hotel’s facilities and offers through different categories and special sections, such as Destination Guide, Special Offers, My Tauzia Privilege Loyalty Program, Upcoming Hotels, Dining Experience, Gallery and many more. A booking is only one click away: guests can directly from the menu which hotel they want to stay at, as well their preferred dates for checking in and out. The Chief Brands & Marketing Officer of Tauzia Hotel Management, Irene Janti said that based on market insights showing that their product is well-received by international and domestic guests and a steady increase of digital penetration among travelers, they decided to further boost their brand representation to attract prospective customers from the get-go - and a refreshed website seemed like the ultimate solution. The Preference Hotels is a label for an upscale boutique hotel segment that is expected to run nine hotels with a total of 562 guestrooms by 2021.