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Starbucks’ Exciting End-Of-Year Openings

Industries | 11 December 2019
Starbucks' building with drive-thru service
Introducing the brand’s first drive-thru outlet at Batam and the new Starbucks Reserve DELIPARK Mall, Medan. Photos courtesy of Starbucks Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA

Introducing the brand’s first drive-thru outlet at Batam and the new Starbucks Reserve DELIPARK Mall, Medan.

Batam’s First Starbucks Drive-Thru

Convenience is always on the forefront of development for global coffeehouse brand Starbucks, and in accordance with this global pillar, Starbucks Indonesia recently opened their first Starbucks Drive-Thru in the city of Batam. 

Chief Marketing Officer of Starbucks Indonesia, Liryawati, commented on this latest launch. “Thanks to this first drive-thru Starbucks, which is also the brand’s sixth outlet in the city, we are now closer with our customers in Batam with even more accesible way to enjoy Starbucks through the fast lane of drive-thru. In line with our mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time, we will keep providing high quality services to our customers.”

Located at the heart of city within Komplek Fanindo Sanctuary Garden Unit 2D, Teluk Tering, the new double story outlet itself can accommodate more than 100 sitting down customers at any given time on top of the additional drive-thru facility. The new outlet is open from 7am to 12am on Sunday to Thursday, and 7am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Starbucks Reserve DELIPARK Mall, Medan

DELIPARK Mall, Medan is now home of the new Starbucks Reserve outlet, celebrating the city’s globally famous coffee commodity. Several methods of manual brewing are available for Medan’s coffee enthusiasts to enjoy ultra-premium coffee that redefines the Starbucks experience. 

This new outlet also marks the brand’s 15th Reserve outlet in Indonesia, further solidifying the brand’s foothold and leadership in the country’s coffee scene. By the end of 2019, Starbucks will have more than 430 outlets in 32 cities across the country, making the famed Starbucks experience available to all.

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