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Zirca Liqueur: Bali-Made Liqueurs Add Colour and Quality Behind the Bar

Industries | 10 February 2021

Expanding on its already wide-ranging variety of products, Bali-based Astidama Distillery (PT. Asti Dama Adhimukti) presents a colourful line of liqueurs. Featuring five different variants, Zirca Liqueur showcases the quality and craftsmanship of local alcohol production.

Located in Bali’s Tabanan Regency, Astidama Distillery has made a name for itself through the multitude of products it puts on the market. With Iceland Vodka, Empire Gin, Drum Whisky and Manta Rum in its impressive repertoire, this Indonesian distillery has proven its ability to create local, high-quality alcohol.

The success comes from two factors. The first is the high standard of the ingredients, including the pristine waters used in their distilling process, tapped from the fresh springs of Tabanan’s rich mountainous terrain. Secondly, the technology and processes used at Astidama Distillery are state-of-the-art, matching those found in long-standing alcohol-producing regions, ensuring that all of the products reach an international standard.

Understanding Indonesia’s blossoming bar scene, where consumer’s tastes are maturing and industry professionals (like mixologists) continue to evolve and innovate, Astidama Distillery presents Zirca Liqueur. This range of five different liqueurs is set to add a colourful variety behind the bar, enriching the creativity in cocktail creation with high-quality yet affordable products.

The different variants of Zirca Liqueur are Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Melon, Coconut and an Irish Cream. These distinct flavours vary in their base spirit, ingredients and also alcohol by volume (ABV).

The fruit-based Zirca Liqueurs - Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and Melon - use the same base spirit, made from fermented and then distilled corn, produced by Astidama Distillery. Botanicals are then added to give each line its own flavour profile.

Zirca Triple Sec is flavoured with orange peel oil and orange distillate, giving it its distinct sweet-yet-bitter orange palate. The Triple Sec contains 40% ABV.

Using the same corn-derived base spirit, Zirca Blue Curacao is given orange concentrate and sweet orange peel for its flavour profile; at a mild 19,7% ABV, it has a softer and sweeter taste than the Triple Sec. The Zirca Melon liqueur has the same 19,7% ABV, flavoured with melon concentrate and brandy concentrate to give it its exotic and fruity flavour.

Moving onto Zirca’s bean and cream-based liqueurs, these each has its own base spirit.

Zirca Coconut is made from fermented and then distilled molasses (derived from sugarcane). The flavour comes from a rich soaking of dried coconut, producing a smooth and rich tasting liqueur with 19,7% ABV.

Finally, standing out in the Zirca product line is the Zirca Irish Cream. Its base spirit is concentrated whisky, which is then given a cream base. The result is a velvety Irish cream at a soft 17% ABV, bringing the focus to the milky, coffee-like flavour profile in the palate.

With their high-quality production, the smoothness of each Zirca Liqueur means that all can be enjoyed straight, as traditional aperitifs or digestifs are intended. Of course, all five flavours are at home in any bar, where they will no doubt be essentials in cocktail making and mixology, living up to its motto of Coloring Your Life.

In Bali, where Zirca is produced, the fruity flavours of these liqueurs are perfect for popular tropical cocktails, from the Triple Sec Sunrise right down to the Coconut Sunset. Other favourites come to mind, including the Blue Lagoon, Japanese Slipper (using Melon liqueur) or a B-52 (using Irish Cream).

With its impressive variety and quality, together with its affordability, Zirca Liqueur plans to be the choice liqueur for bars all around Indonesia, be it personal drink cabinets or the shelves of top restaurants and hotels.