Fresh From the Chefs' Table

Pan Seared Scallops and Black Truffle Risotto

In the second episode of NOW! Jakarta's Fresh from the Chefs' Table, we will be cooking again with Chef Gilles Marx of AMUZ Gourmet who will teach you how to cook a Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops and Black Truffle Risotto.


Scallops 120gr/portion

- Arborio rice 125gr
- Onion chopped 20gr
- Chicken stock 100ml
- White wine 20ml
- Fresh butter 20gr
- Thyme & Bay leaf 1 each
- Whipped cream 50gr

- Extra virgin olive oil 20gr
- Diced Porcini 30gr
- Black Truffle paste 20gr
- Grated parmesan 20gr

Truffle jus
- Truffle paste
- Olive oil
Parmesan (shaved)
Rocket Salad
- Rocket lettuce (Arugula)
- Lemon-Extra virgin olive oil dressing