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A Triumph at Raffles

Culinary Talk | 27 October 2016

The Chaine des Rotisseurs, a gastronomic society dedicated to challenging the hospitality industry to achieve their highest possible standards, got close to their objective on Friday 23rd September in the beautiful Raffles Jakarta ballroom, when they held their annual Gala Dinner for members and guests.

First of all, the ballroom set up was magnificent: eighty people set in a perfect square all looking on to the dance floor/stage. The tables were decorated to perfection with beautiful flowers and candles and of course pristine white cloths. Then there was the food which was a selection of the best dishes from Raffles Hotels around the world, selected and prepared by Chef Daniel Patterson and his talented team (see the elegant menu below). Each dish was prepared to perfection but what was great fun was that giant screens showed the actual preparation on video, presented by Chef Daniel so the guests could see and understand the creative process entirely from start to finish!

The main course of duck was a special experience but it was the dessert that took everyone’s breath away, not only from taste but also from its innovative serving. The open square arrangement allowed service from either the back or front of each guest, with wines being served from the front in a magnificently choreographed system of ten waiters each serving two people, and the food being served conventionally from the rear right. But the dessert was served from the front with a flourish and a pouring of creamy chocolate. Outstanding. Wines were also served after a screening of their description by Vice Chancelier Fabrice Mini on the giant screens. An innovation appreciated by all.

Entertainment for the evening was varied and excellent, starting with Edwin and Finna who played contemporary pop tunes on classical Chinese instruments followed by three beautiful songs from The South Jakarta Community Choir led by Fero Stephanus, and brought to a dramatic end by soprano Valentina in a magnificent solo. The Batavia Dancers enlivened the evening with three spectacular dances. As a special memento, artist Sudigdo painted a portrait of Chef Daniel Patterson. Credit must be given to the Raffles Management led by Richard Schestak, General Manager and Martijn Dekker, Director of Sales and Marketing assisted by Marisa Sjahandi, Director of Catering & Conference Services who led the team’s dedication to the highest quality from the top, but also to the culinary team who created the courses with panache and style, and the service team who delivered them to the table with elegance and exceptional discipline.

The evening was organized by the Bailliage Jakarta Provincial comprising Alistair Speirs, Gilles Marx, Fabrice Mini and Bob Yanuar and was attended by a glittering array of guests including Ibu Rina Ciputra from the Raffles owning group and celebrities Daniel Mananta, Farah Quinn and Ririn Marinka.