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Culinary Talk | 20 August 2016

The profile of urban eating habits, especially in Jakarta, is still oriented to fast food worshipers who innocently rejoice in devouring their tasty dishes across the city.  These outlets celebrating the invasion of fast food franchise restaurants that occupy Jakarta’s malls and streets,all but overwhelm the efforts of people who want to provide truly nutritious food or promote  a healthy lifestyle. Lately, a few Jakarta restaurants supported by some Jakarta residents have been trying to promote organic living as one way to achieve a perfect healthy life, and of course –what most really want - to prevent deadly diseases due to toxic chemicals  hidden in fast foods!

Tasty vegetables background Many of them thought that to be an organic focused consumer would not be easy, particularly thinking that there are high-cost products that they have to find and indeed where to find them? But thanks to the efforts of communities that continue to grow in the city and their good captains ,their creative approach has changed some minds and given insight to  the real meaning of organic life. That is, organic is not only about natural food and beauty products but also a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and protection for the environment too. Consuming food from around us, from local communities , that’s as simple as its organic! And the high value of consuming organic products means giving a contribution to the welfare of entrepreneurs and farmers as well as helping to preserve nature. So, it’s not merely for diet but for the community. If you’re ready to set aside those tempting instant noodles or meatballs full of MSG, you can choose the following ideas to start your healthier days by getting the best quality organic products.....easily! Toko Organik Klub Established in 2004 by spouses Emilia Nursanti Wibisono and Satrio Wibisono who were concerned about healthy lifestyle for their family, they initially continued the business of a Swiss pastor Agatho Elsener – a pioneer in developing organic farms in Indonesia, – and who lived not so far from Wibisono’s house in the Tebet area. Since opening the store at their house which sells many organic farm products from the pastor, they got customers mostly from embassies who’ve been working and staying in Kuningan. They routinely order via phone or come directly to the store and always keep a note of the schedule when the goods are coming from their farms. When they became increasingly enthusiast to sell the products, they initiative to build the community as their social entrepreneurship named Organik Klub Center which is integrated to their “one stop shopping” which provides fresh   organic food material, cooking equipment, and ready to serve restaurant “Burgreens”. With all the services that are able to accommodate organic consumer needs, their customer is based expanding to include famous chefs and celebrities. _FL_6878 - Copy Customers who are going to shop here will be given a-hundred types of vegetable and a wide range other foodstuffs. The Wibisonos have been partnering with 10 farm industries around Indonesia which specifically produce for the store. The store only provides 10 per cent imported goods only because of plant seeds that can’t be cultivated in Indonesia. And since 2008, Organik Klub has held a living food (raw food) cooking class and health talkshow that presents expert advice and information. Tebet barat Raya no. 49 C, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 8296167, 8291082 M: +62 81319773192 (W/ SMS) E: [email protected] Yum Organic Farm Yayasan Usaha Mulia (Usaha Mulia Foundation/YUM) is a non-government organization working topromote a healthy community and environmental sustainability through organic farming and education programs. For the organization, producing healthy organic food using ecological practices is part of its responsibility to minimize impact on the environment and socialize healthy living. The farm is located in Cipanas, West Java, the main vegetables source region for the capital. Even so, it doesn’t mean the people of Jakarta have to go there to get organic vegetables. The foundation is open to delivery ordersvia online or calls with the distribution schedule twice a week every Tuesday and Friday  to the South Jakarta areas like Pondok Indah, Cipete, Cilandak, and also reach Menteng etc. Or customers can pick up directly in a appointed place. Member of US Embassy at YUM Organic Farm The foundation sells organic vegetables in a basket containing six to eight types that have been already arranged from foundation’s farm coordinator with a cost IDR. 75.000 per basket. The foundation will add customer’s emails to its ordering list and will send it out the information about types of vegetables that will be harvested for subsequent delivery. After receiving customer order email, the foundation will reply to confirm the cost and customer can pay cash on delivery. Pick Up Place: Wisma SUBUD #20, Jl. RS. Fatmawati No. 52 South Jakarta 12430 For Order: T: +62-21 769 8505 E: [email protected] Javara The wealth of the country’s biodiversity especially food materials has inspired Helianti Hilman to establish Javara, well-known brand for premium artisan organic food products. Although not all of their products are uncertified organic, they do apply an internal guarantee system to secure organically grown ingredients without using genetically modified organisms and chemical inputs. The founder who was an agricultural consultant started the business by selling various variants of scarce local rice to the middle-up domestic market, but along its progress in business the audience target changed to 80 per cent of exports to the US, Canada, England, Italy, and Germany. [caption id="attachment_33682" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]javara Image:[/caption] As a leading social enterprise of the country, Javara now produces more than 600 products such as green beans, spices, noodles, virgin coconut oil, wild honey, sugar and syrup which resulted from the hard work of over 50,000 farmers, 2000 food artisans and 100 business partners around Indonesia and for the products processing also oversees the quality of farmer’s crops as well as packaging. Modification of recipes to use Indonesia foodstuffs is very important for the company so that they areeasily accepted in overseas markets. One of the innovations is using candlenut in a pesto sauce that is often consumed by Italians. Javara products can be found not only in its specialty store but also in A-Class supermarkets like Ranch Market and Kem Chicks. Graha BS 1st Floor, Jl. Kemang Utara A No. 3 Jakarta 12730 T: +62-21 7183550 F: +62-21 7183554 E: [email protected] Healthy Choice Since opening its doors in the country in 2004, this franchise organic store become popular among the healthy lifestyle lovers because of its integrated concept including a restaurant and supermarket which focuses on providing organic food and some processed products such as gluten free cookies and multi-grain bead. The store is very selective in choosing suppliers which guarantee the products authenticity which means only organic certificate holders can cooperate. Most of the products are imported and only fruits, vegetables and rice are supplied from local sources. [caption id="attachment_33683" align="aligncenter" width="560"]healthychoiceindonesia Image:[/caption] Healthy Choice has branches with their own function, in Jakarta and Bali, for example in Kebun Jeruk and Kelapa Gading, Jakarta have the wellness centers that provide detoxification and colon cleansing programs. The members can also attend seminars with their in-house doctor. In Kebun Jeruk outlet, there is a bakery that serves homemade bread that is free of gluten, dairy, yeast and fat so it’s safe for people suffering from autism, downs syndrome, or vegans and vegetarians, diabetics, anemics, sufferers of Parkinson and osteoporosis. In addition, Healthy Choice also provides healthy dishes in the restaurant with various food and beverage menus from Indonesia, Asia and the West. The price is quite expensive because of the materials used, level of difficulty of production and cookware chosen. But it’s more worth than having than to spend millions rupiahs for hospital charges as a result of consuming harmful to health food. Keranjang Sayur Means vegetable basket. It’s a delivery service where customers around Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi can order via website or WhatsApp, call or SMS to get high quality organic vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat, seafood and other food supplies that are sourced directly from farmers and producers. Keranjang Sayur has its own farm fields in Cisarua Puncak, West Java where theproduction process meets international standards of organic farming and features several modern green house facilities that produce hygienic and best quality vegetables. For Keranjang Sayur, the customers who bought the products are the people who appreciate the hard work of its farmers and they give a big contribution because they get the products directly from source without intermediaries. [caption id="attachment_33684" align="aligncenter" width="960"]keranjangsayur Image:[/caption] The delivery service uses good condition cars guaranteed secure from dust, dirt or heat that can damage the quality of vegetables and meats. Every morning at 6am, Keranjang Sayur starts to deliver to all parts of Jabodetabek until 3pm from Monday to Friday. It’s free of charge for Jakarta but with aminimum order IDR. 50.000. The customer can pay by transfer or cash on delivery.