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Industry Favourites at NOW! Jakarta's BRBCA

Culinary Talk | 2 October 2016

For this year’s NOW! Jakarta’s Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA), a new category was added to the list: the “Industry Favourites”. While our own readers cast their votes in the other categories, the “Industry Favourites” are determined by industry professionals, including chefs, hoteliers, baristas, F&B managers and other culinary experts.

[caption id="attachment_34620" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Paulaner Brauhaus Paulaner Brauhaus[/caption] In addition to Monolog at Plaza Senayan, which was also a top pick for Riana Bismarak among her favourite Jakarta restaurants the two other winners in this category were German all-time favorite Paulaner Brauhaus, located at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in the heart of Jakarta, and French restaurant Le Quartier in South Jakarta’s Senopati. Paulaner Brauhaus If we had to pick our single favourite thing about Paulaner Brauhaus, it would probably be its own-site microbrewery. It is the only one in the country, and nothing beats having a glass of original German beer in the evening while catching up with friends and enjoying the city view of Jakarta. Of course, Paulaner Brauhaus is much more than just its beer. The restaurant serves authentic Bavarian cuisine, including sausages, sauerkraut and schnitzel. While many patrons come here for their meat or pork fix - and rightfully so - the desserts are also worth a try, particularly the Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor’s Cake) and Schupfnudeln (potato dumplings with sweet breadcrumbs, served with vanilla ice cream). Paulaner Brauhaus offers entertaining live music on a daily basis, screens major sporting events and hosts an annual Oktoberfest - it can’t get any more German than this! Le Quartier If we are in the mood for a little Parisian chic and elegance, we head down to Le Quartier. The French Brasserie décor radiates a distinctly Parisian feel - if we close our eyes, we can almost picture ourselves taking a stroll at the river Seine… [caption id="attachment_34619" align="aligncenter" width="667"]Le Quartier Le Quartier[/caption] Le Quartier, the brainchild of restaurateur Chris Janssens, offers innovative and modern French cuisine. The dishes, which are all presented in a simple yet elegant way, range from foie gras, crisp oysters and Belgium mussels to premium beef entrecote and fresh seafood. Divided into three main dining areas, guests can either opt to sit in the inner court or by the window, whereas the private room is mainly used for functions and special events. Whether we come here for a weekend family brunch, business lunch ofter after-work dinner with friends, Le Quartier always finds a way to satisfy our palate.