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“The Great Steak Escape” Returns

Culinary Talk | 25 March 2022

Photos Meat & Livestock Australia

Hosted by True Aussie Beef and Lamb, a brand initiated by Meat & Livestock Australia, “The Great Steak Escape” aimed to promote the great taste, quality and nutrition of Australian beef to Indonesian consumers .

The promotion is returning for the second year in a row to invite Indonesians to embark on an ‘escape’ to explore the deliciousness of different Australian beef cuts, prepared with different cooking methods and cuisine styles. 

During this March, “The Great Steak Escape” promotion showcases the premium taste, quality and nutrition of Australian meats served by 24 executive chefs from 24 Jakarta’s top restaurants to bring out the best eating experience. Foodies can expect to enjoy a variety of interesting menus made with unique cuts of beef, such as chuck, rump cap, blade (hump) that will surely delight meat lovers. 

Diners can spend the whole March trying Wagyu Paella, Typical Spanish Rice; Wagyu Rump Bites with Truffle Vinaigrette and Garlic Chips; Australian Picanha & Prime Top Sirloin in Brazilian BBQ style; to Japanese dishes, Chuck Eye Roll Yakiniku, among others. 

The Great Steak Escape, true to its name, provides a global dining experience through partner restaurants and carefully selected menus. You can try beef dishes from various dishes served by well-known chefs, such as Beef Tartar by Chef Martin Weise from Sailendra Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Grilled Kiwami 9+ Wagyu Beef Rib Eye by Chef Gilles Marx from AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant, Wagyu Paella with Typical Spanish Rice by Chef Rafael Martinez from CASPAR, Wagyu Rump Bites with Truffle Vinaigrette and Garlic Chips by Chef Hugo Bertolini from View Steak Bar, Fairmont Hotel, Charcoal Oil Scented OP Ribs by Chef Marco Violano from Alto Restaurant & Bar, Four Seasons, Beef Back Ribs by Chef Kevin Yogesh from Cutt & Grill and many more. 

“We want to invite Indonesians to explore beyond popular cuts of beef such as Sirloin and Tenderloin because there are many delicious cuts of meat that are less well-known but equally delicious. We hope that expanding consumer knowledge of different cuts of meat will allow foodies to make every day extraordinary by treat themselves to quality meats and turn every meal into an indulgence.” Said Meat & Livestock Australia Indonesia Business Development Manager, Christian Haryanto. 

For more information and find out the restaurants to enjoy the promotion, please visit and IG: @trueaussieid