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Nusa Gastronomy

Dine | 1 November 2016

When you think about Indonesian food, some regular dishes may come to mind: rendang, nasi goreng or sate ayam. Well, at Nusa Gastronomy, the latest addition to the vibrant culinary scene in Kemang, expect Indonesian food at an elevated level.

Nusa Gastronomy (7) The mission here is to show the world the richness of Indonesian cuisine and encourage people to appreciate and learn more about the country’s culinary treasures. “It is not solely about combining classical heritage with modern elements, but also to respect Indonesian culture through the creation of contemporary pieces,” says Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, the mastermind behind the establishment. Nusa Gastronomy (1) The design of the restaurant is simple yet alluring, aptly reflecting Indonesian elegance—from the vintage rattan chairs and the wooden chandelier to big jars filled with dried Indonesian indigenous herbs. The sound of Indonesian songs playing softly in the background adds to the refined atmosphere. Staying true to its tagline, ‘an edible story’, every meal comes with an interesting story of its cultural background and origin. Stepping into the restaurant, the friendly staff will escort you to your seat and serve a traditional welcome drink in a champagne glass. A glance at the menu reveals a wide selection of traditional feasts from all over the archipelago. Chances are, you’ll find some of them unfamiliar. But fret not, the well-trained staff are very knowledgeable and would be more than happy to assist. Nusa Gastronomy (2) “The menu is dynamic, as it depends on what’s available fresh from the farm. This is a quality that very few restaurants possess,” says Chef Ragil, who promises that the ingredients used at Nusa Gastronomy are only those of high quality and produced using artisanal techniques. True to his word, the chef made it a point to explore countless regions in Indonesia—from Bangka to Halmahera—in search of the best and most authentic local fares and ingredients. At Nusa Gastronomy, full-course menus have been designed to indulge its guests, as well as to broaden their palates and knowledge of local flavours. From amouse bouche to invigorate the palate to exotic, decadent dessert to satisfy your taste buds, expect a thrilling and wholesome dining experience. Nusa Gastronomy (3) And that’s exactly what we did when we visited Nusa Gastromony. The five-course meal began with Kohu Kohu Tuna from Maluku and Sup Kambing Betawi (mutton soup) from Jakarta. The Kohu-Kohu Tuna—or Maluku-style tuna salad, if you will—had a pleasant spicy kick to it, while the mutton soup rich and peppery. The main courses were Ayam Kulat Pelawan from Bangka and Buntil Udang from Banyumas, Central Java. Using free-range local breed chicken that’s slow braised for six hours in rich ingredients and served with Pelawan mushrooms—a type of rare mushrooms only found in Bangka—Ayam Kulat Pelawan makes a surprising burst of flavours. Meanwhile, Buntil Udang is made with fresh shrimp and served with cassava leaves steamed with homemade salted fish, grated coconut and spicy paste. Nusa Gastronomy (5) Both dishes were visually enticing and very flavourful in taste, thanks to the ingenuity of Chef Ragil in utilizing the best ingredients and maintaining original cooking methods. To round up the meal, we had klepon for dessert. This Central Javanese sweet treat is generally a ubiquitous sight at breakfast or afternoon tea—think green rice balls stuffed with liquid palm sugar and rolled in grated coconut. At Nusa Gastronomy, Chef Ragil kicked it up a notch by serving klepon with pandan white chocolate, pandan mousse, coconut gelato and sorghum sponge cake. The combination of the warm sponge cake and sweet coconut gelato turned this dessert into an absolute highlight of the evening. Nusa Gastronomy (4) Even though it’s still a new kid on the block, Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy is fast becoming one of the hottest restaurants in town. Add to their excellent fares a variety of adventures to be held on the compound, such as weekend farmers’ market to introduce Nusa’s very own vendors, cooking classes with Chef Ragil and many more upcoming activities. The restaurant will also welcome the addition of a newly built library as well as a gallery to showcase local artisanal handicrafts. The restaurant is currently open for dinner on weekdays. It’s open for lunch and dinner on the weekend, for which reservation is highly recommended. You can stay updated about upcoming activities at Nusa Gastronomy through its social media accounts on Instagram @nusagastronomy and Facebook at Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy. Nusa Gastronomy (6) Nusa Gastronomy Jalan Kemang Raya No. 81 Kemang 12730 T: +62-21 7193954 www.nusagastronomy.com