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Toepak Bar & Dine: Between Music and Meals

Dine | 6 November 2019
Toepak Bar & Dine: Between Music and Meals
Toepak Bar & Dine should be on your destination list for you next hang-out with your colleagues. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

Toepak Bar & Dine is a casual, relaxed and chill bar and restaurant within the contrasting fast-paced business area of Jakarta’s SCBD.

I don’t usually allow three consecutive adjectives to describe one subject, but since it opened for business several months back, Toepak Bar & Dine has proven capable of backing its own rap (pun intended).

Toepak Bar & Dine occupies a sweet spot in the middle of Lot 8 at SCBD, removed enough from the main road so that traffic noises are barely heard while offering ample parking space, which it surely needs, especially on evenings and weekends.

Beat lovers and Jakarta’s general hang-out crowd finds a home at Toepak Bar & Dine thanks to its lineup of live music every single night, with varying themed genres, such as Jazz on Thursday nights. On weekends, DJs spin modern beats in between live band sessions all the way to the wee hours.

While light bites and bar foods like the Nachos or Spicy Rendang on Mantau are superstars at Toepak Bar & Dine, I was impressed at the thoughtful selection of available main courses. The pasta selection, which I was told to be very popular among diners before the drinking starts, had a number of signature dishes, including the Toepak Style Stiry Fry Linguine served with shrimp, chicken and vegetables, as well as the Spaghetti Aglio Olio Salmon.

The pizza is also a crowd favourite. With every component being homemade and cooked-to-order, this was comfort food at its finest with thin, warm dough, crunchy edges, generous but not overpowering toppings and spices. Available varieties include Double Cheese, Beef Peperoni & Ham, Bolognaise and Mushroom, Spicy Tuna, Seasonal Vegetables and Barbeque Chicken Pineapple. If you’re anything like me when it comes to food (constantly peckish and indecisive) and can’t decide on which, you can opt for the Toepak Combination Pizza, which will net you all six flavours on each slice for IDR 112,000.

The interiors of Toepak Bar & Dine are simple yet inviting, with sofas, loungers, cushiony chairs and high bar stools for those who prefer occupying the bar area. The further side of the wooden wall is decorated by dozens of black-and-white portraits of various sizes and objects, from Muhammad Ali on the ring to Elvis Presley on stage. The semi-outdoor area had neatly lined park benches and tables, separated from the outside with a wall of potted plants and various tropical floras, which honestly stimulated my appetite during my visit.

According to Executive Chef Komar, the culinary concept of Toepak Bar & Dine matches perfectly with the vibe its aiming to project—casual, relaxed and chilled. “We are taking international favourites and add a little bit of our own modern flair. You will see original creations, like the Spicy Rendang on Mantau or Basque Chicken. Each establishment in the group offers very different experience, and Toepak certainly fills a gap in this area and segment,” the chef explained.

Toepak Bar & Dine

Jalan Jend. Sudirman, SCBD, Lot 8
T: +62 878 7748 4424
IG: @toepak.jakarta
FB: @Toepak SCBD