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A Celebration of Life

Foodies Corner | 23 September 2016

Plaga Wine offers unique philosophies on how to make life meaningful and celebrate it with a glass of wine.

plagaHighresRaskal (28 of 42) We like to think that earth is the only planet in the universe that has wine. And because of that reason we have to take care of it. But since we work in the wine industry and not in the environmental sector, we will tell you about the one thing we know and love best: wine. There are wines and wines on this planet. Some are rather serious and require us to be diligent connoisseurs just in order to enjoy the wine and if we don’t have an instruction set to taste it, we will not classify. We call those wines the “cult” wines, and you recognize them because they are very expensive and most of the time, from the old world. There are other wines that pretend to be something that they are not and never will be. They use sophisticated names and very hip labels pretending to project an image of something super special. We call this ones the “Paris Hilton” wines, they pretend to be very special but in fact, they are not. plaga-110 We also laugh about those boring wines, with boring labels and a boring taste, mostly drunk by very classic drinkers. We call them “the wines that my father would love to drink”, sitting on a leather sofa, in front of the chimney, listening to a Kenny G record and reading an economy essay from an English writer. And then there is what we want to be! A strange beast in paradise called Plaga. 100% Indonesian. Far from being boring, formal or pretentious, Plaga is for everyone, for any occasion. Actually, we don’t really think about this too much. All we care about is what we are: a wine to celebrate any precious moment you can imagine: love, a promotion at work, the sunsets and the full moons, your most important anniversary, your newborn child, your new apartment or your new car, a long-lasting friendship, a crazy extended dinner, a lazy Sunday lunch or a dinner by yourself in your kitchen. Celebrate failures, efforts and challenges, because a life without celebrations would be sad, boring and meaningless. At Plaga, we believe that we are here to celebrate every single moment, from the most irrelevant to the most important, by ourselves or with the best people around us. The only thing left to do is to find a good reason and celebrate.