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American Delight at Harlow Brasserie

Foodies Corner | 4 January 2017

From hawker centres to fancy fine dining restaurants, Jakarta is a city for food lovers as you will never run out of good options to dine. Besides the food quality, the location and a nice atmosphere also play important roles to determine a restaurant’s future. When it comes to the latter, Harlow Brasserie is already a winner.

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Strategically situated in Kuningan, Harlow Brasserie is an all day-dining restaurant that opens its doors at 6 AM in the morning to serve the busy executives who work and live in the surrounding buildings. Taking its inspiration from retro New York with a bit of a rustic approach, Harlow Brasserie provides a comfortable space for both dining and hanging out. The New York feeling is emphasized through the paintings of the city’s landscape as well as portraits of famous New Yorkers like Robert de Niro and Andy Warhol, gracing the wall, making it a nice spot to capture photos for your social media accounts.

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In accordance with its design concept, Harlow Brasserie also offers American-inspired dishes. You will find something easy and familiar on the menu like Onion Rings, Chicken Wings, Chicken Burger or Chili Hotdog. While America may not be the most exotic country when it comes to delicacies, the country’s cuisine is undoubtedly popular and liked by millions of people around the globe, so it wouldn’t hurt to try some of American classics offered here.

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We’d recommend you to try their honey-glazed Chicken Wings for starter, the sauce is seeped into the meat deliciously; you will want to strip the wings naked and finish them until only the bones remain. Moving on to the mains, the chicken burger brings the casual and cuisine a la Brooklyn to the plate. Hiding behind an ordinary name, it is a nice combination of fried chicken leg with apple and celery coleslaw seared in barbecue mayo sauce. Although you may not find something really different here, the chicken burger is always a safe option when you go to an American restaurant. We then continued with  Pan Seared Salmon. We believe that salmon is always a win when it is paired with hollandaise, and it is safe to say that Harlow’s special burnt butter hollandaise is the secret of its tastiness. For dessert, we had the New York Cheese Cake, Apple Struddle and Nutella Ice Cream Crepe; all of them were quite enjoyable and will appeal particularly to those who have sweet tooth.

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Harlow Brasserie also pays close attention to its drink list as you can find a big bar in the middle of restaurant, ready to quench your thirst with a wide selection of mocktails, cocktails and locally-brewed coffees. The friendly bartenders and baristas will be happy to explain more to you about their special drinks, so don’t be afraid to ask! Receive Harlow Brasserie’s latest updates and regular promotions through its Instagram account @harlowbrasserie. Harlow Brasserie The H Building, M Floor Jl H.R Rasuna Said Kav 20, Jakarta 12940