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Chef Gilles Marx and Chef Simone Ricci Present Exquisite Truffle Delicacies at AMUZ Gourmet

Foodies Corner | 3 October 2018

Libra Food Service collaborated with AMUZ Gourmet to curate a menu featuring La Rustichella truffles during a special dinner in September.

Chef Gilles Marx and Chef Simone Ricci Present Exquisite Truffle Delicacies at Amuz Gourmet. Photo courtesy of AMUZ Gourmet/NOW!JAKARTA

One of Indonesia’s leading food purveyors, Libra Food Service, introduced La Rustichella, a well-known Truffle producer from Italy, in an event that featured a menu curated by Chef Gilles Marx of Amuz Gourmet and Chef Simone Ricci, Executive Chef of Love Truffles Restaurant in Italy. 

On the menu was Creamy Truffle Flavoured Italian Pasta prepared by Chef Simone Ricci, featuring Black Truffle Pate. The earthy aroma and flavour of the truffles shone through the dish.

Unlike other mushrooms which are easily collected from the ground, truffles grow deep underground — in the roots of trees — and are foraged using specially trained dogs or pigs. Intensely aromatic, truffles add a unique and unmatched aroma and flavour to a dish.

Chef Gilles Marx welcomed the partner Libra Food Service.
Black truffle.

“Truffle mushroom has been known with its strong and intoxicating aroma and unusual and distinct flavor” said Alan, Manager of La Rustichella.

La Rustichella was established in 1986 by Sergio Brugnoli, President of the Company, who originally comes from Norcia, province of Perugia in southeastern Umbria, Italy.

Headquartered in Jakarta and branching out in Bali, Libra Food Service distributes La Rustichella products to premium hotels and restaurants in Jakarta and Bali to be used in the dishes. Libra Food Service offers different types of truffles, categorised according to colour - black or white, such as Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil, White Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil, White Truffle Sunflower Oil, Black Sliced Truffle, Black Truffle Pate, White Truffle Pate, and Whole Black Truffle.

For more information, call (+62) 21 6919292 or visit Libra Food Service’s official website or La Rustichella’s official website

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