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Look inside Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta's Wine Collection

Foodies Corner | 18 May 2018

The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta presents new face of Vino Bar & Cafe followed by the introduction of its latest and most complete collection of wines. The warm atmospheres create the perfect ambience to enjoy the wine while having a chat with friend across the globe.

Vino bar has variety of wine collection from various region across the country.
Photo courtesy of Vino Bar/NOW!JAKARTA 

Vino Bar becomes the place where the wine cellar is neatly arranged in a room with adjusted temperature to ensure the quality of the wine is well maintained. Vino Bar’s wine is a curated by wine experts or so-called sommelier. Marcel Jacquat, General Manager of The Phoenix Hotel put the trust on his friends to advise and select the best wine in the bar.

Vino Bar’s wine collection is ranging from red and white wine. The bar is very friendly for beginners as the the guest could check on the wine list, complete with the type of wine such as bubbles, white, rose, red, and sweet. The guest also could see the origin of the wine producing countries such as Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, and New Zealand,

The information about of the product such as the year of manufacture, character, color and taste of wine are presented in the wine menu, or even ask the waitress to explain it to you.

Drinking wine now becomes a new lifestyle in Yogyakarta, once more Europeans and Americans travel to the city. Gradually accepted by the eastern community including Indonesia, many restaurant including Vino Bar serves the red wine with the steak while white wine is great sider to be served with white meat or chicken dish.

The bar is also campaigning how to drink wisely considering the age, gender, and the drinking intensity. Drinking wine for a good Indonesian at least 3 glasses per week to maintain heart health. The bar also put intention that  the amount of antioxidants in wine can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Wine is also beneficial in improving memory, building up immunity, improving good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol, as well as reducing inflammation in the blood vessels.