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New Culinary Adventures at Fez Kinara

Foodies Corner | 16 August 2017

Food aficionados who are already familiar with lavish Indian restaurant Kinara in Kemang are in for a surprise, as the restaurant has recently transformed into Fez Kinara. Despite the new name and concept, this restaurant is still set to tantalize your taste buds.

Crafted by experienced Executive Chef Challiou Rachid along with his culinary team, the new menu at Fez Kinara consists of three different sections: Maghreb, Middle Eastern and Indian, with the latter maintaining Kinara’s previous menu that has been wildly popular among Indian food lovers in the capital.

“Fez” is not only a city in Morocco, often referred to as the country’s cultural capital, but also the name of the iconic felt headdress. At Fez Kinara, diners are encouraged to share the dishes of Moroccan origins that seem perfect for every occasion, but are perhaps best enjoyed with a group of family and friends - like the restaurant’s signature Moroccan Tajin (tagine), a slowly braised stew cooked in a clay pot served with bread. Guests can choose between a variety of meats according to their taste such as chicken, lamb, meatballs or fish. The Chef’s recommendation, Lamb Prune Tajin, is tender lamb meat cooked with honey, topped with roasted almonds and sesame seeds.

Those who like the refreshing taste of couscous (crushed wheat) better not miss the Royal Moroccan Couscous that is served with a stew of lamb, chicken, sausages and seasonal mixed vegetables. Among the new additions to the menu is the Kofta, which is cooked in Arabic style with a wide range of different spices, and provides a true burst of flavours. Diners have the option between lamb or chicken, whereas the dish will be accompanied by Arabic bread, mandi rice or biryani.

The traditional Egypt dessert Umm Al is a perfect way to end a satisfying meal. Eat it while it is still warm in order to fully enjoy the delicious and soft puff pastry covered in fresh milk and mixed nuts. A suitable pairing for this delicious treat is the Moroccan Mint Tea. The waiter will serve it Moroccan style, by pouring the tea into a glass containing fresh mint leaves. If you prefer coffee over tea, we recommend to order a cup of Turkish coffee.

Fez Kinara also provides a beautifully decorated lounge for guests who want try some cocktails or are simply looking for the best place to have tête-à-tête and smoking a shisha - a tradition dating back to the 16th century.

The old magnificent Kinara space is available to host private events and parties, while the restaurant also offers catering services.

Fez Kinara

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 78B South Jakarta 12730
T: +62 21 719 2677
IG: @fez_kinara
FB: Fez-Kinara Dining & Lounge

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