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New Ways to Enjoy Starbucks Coffee

Foodies Corner | 3 March 2017

Starbucks is constantly creating unique and sophisticated ways to keep coffee lovers enthralled. Over a period from 7 March to 8 May, Starbucks invites customers to taste new beverages, providing a new experience and different ways to enjoy coffee.

The Starbucks Valencia Orange Cocoa Coffee is a delicious combination of sweet citrus with perfectly steamed milk and a hit of espresso - a completely new take on classic coffee. The decadent Valencia Orange Mocha Sauce is topped with steamed milk, espresso shots and velvety foam. Dried oranges and cocoa powder sprinkles give this blend of citrus-sweet orange and roasty espresso its distinctive taste.

These new concoctions are joined by returning favorites Starbucks Matcha and Espresso Fusion, offering delicious layers of flavour. All beverages can be served hot or iced. Even though they may vary in flavour and texture, they all have one thing in common: espresso is always at the core.