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OUI, The Delivery Premium Burger a la Chef Gilles Marx Presented by AMUZ Gourmet

Foodies Corner | 5 August 2020
French restaurant in Jakarta, AMUZ introduces its premium burger on delivery with three different flavours, a ready-to-go dish prepared with the art of French savoir-faire. Photo courtesy of AMUZ Gourmet/NOW!JAKARTA

Frenchs always know how to do the best thing, with no expectation for its culinary world. During the quarantine period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the French restaurant based in Jakarta, AMUZ Gourmet keeps experimenting with a new menu. Recently, the renowned Chef behind AMUZ, Gilles Marx and his culinary team introduced its premium burger, a reinterpretation of fine dining in between the buns.  

Coming with three different flavours, it’s an ‘OUI’ (Yes) for anyone who will taste the burger. It’s freshly made premium ingredients, concocted with Wagyu beef, brioche buns, and culinary magic from the hand of the professionals who know how to do it. It’s French Savoir-Faire, the craftsmanship that makes the burger itself a product of finesse. 

The beef patty is homemade from Wagyu marbling with the score 9+ beef. It’s juicy and thick. The Brioche buns are freshly baked daily, the sauce is a Sundry Tomato Aioli. Packed with a nice looking box, the burger comes with a Romaine Lettuce and Tomato salad, homemade chips, and crispy onion rings. 

The other option, The cheeseburger is a mix of Emmental cheddar and Parmesan which add the layer of the patty. For those wanting healthier and light flavour, there is a Plant-based burger. It is a 100% homemade creation, with Potato, Quinoa, Chickpeas, beetroot, Tempeh, Mushrooms, fresh herb, and extra virgin olive oil. The burger is a concoction of freshly baked Ciabatta bun layered with AMUZ special pesto, salad and chips. 

Coming with three different flavours, it’s an ‘OUI’ (Yes) for anyone who will taste the burger.

One can also customise the burger with an addition of cheese that only cost for IDR 15,000. Wagyu 9+ Beef Burger is priced at IDR 120,000, Wagyu 9+ Cheese Burger is IDR 135,000, and Plant-based Burger can be indulged with a price at IDR 125,000. 

For those wanting to taste the true creation of French burger a la Chef Gilles Marx, one can order via telephone by calling +62 812 1867 3539. During the Covid-19, the French Restaurant also offers delivery to those craving for the French cuisine at home. 

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