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Re.juve's New Convenience-sized Bottle

Foodies Corner | 13 September 2016

Fulfilling customer's request on a convenience-sized bottle, Re.juve finally launches a smaller bottle in the size of 250 ml. Romie Johanes, Re.juve Associate Director mentions, "Customers have been asking us for a size that they can finish in one sitting. A lot of mothers and family also ask for a size that can be suitable for their children. After a long preparation, we are so happy to launch this new size that is available in all stores and through our delivery today"

Re.juve 250 ml is the perfect size for one-sitting juice consumption, where customers can enjoy one bottle in one serving without any leftover; this size also perfect for those on-the-go customers who want to drink one-serving of juice as they go. This smaller bottle is also suitable for children as they can easily finish the size in one-sitting.

Re.juve keeps its product promise in its 250 ml or 435 ml size where each cold-pressed bottle contains nothing but the best and the most hygiene ingredients with no added sugar, sweetener, preservative or concentrate. Re.juve juices, elixirs and nutmilk are 100% cold-pressed raw, and juiced without any heat, or any pasteurization process. Romie Johanes adds "Nutrient, antioxidants and live enzyme inside fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables are very sensitive and easily destroyed by heat and oxidation. We believe in cold-press processing because the technology produce no heat and no oxidation, therefore it maintains all the nutrient and goodness of fruit and vegetables in your juices"

Romie Johanes continues "We promise the hygiene and purity of our cold-pressed juices and other beverages. Each 250 ml of Re.juve cold-pressed juices contains up to 600 mg of fruit and vegetables, and each of 435 ml of Re.juve cold-pressed juice contains up to 1 kg of fruit and vegetables." Re.juve 250 ml selling price is from IDR 35.000 and available for classic and signature line cold-pressed juices, elixirs, and nutmilk. With this new size, Re.juve now has 2 sizes of bottles : The regular 435 ml and the convenience 250 ml, which both are produced in Re.juve state-of-the-art central production facility: A cold-pressed production facility in Tangerang, designed for a hygienic juicing environment.

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