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Re.juve's Quest For a Healthy Lifestyle

Foodies Corner | 26 November 2016

Re.juve, the leading premium juicery in Indonesia and the winner of Best Vegetarian/Organic/Health Restaurant of 2016 NOW! Jakarta’s BRBCA just launched its new lines, ‘Re.juve Organic and Organic Kale cold-pressed juice’.

Re.juve's Quest For a Healthy Lifestyle Re.juve continues its commitment to support a healthier lifestyle for Indonesian families through these new products. Re.juve Organic is made from pure organic vegetables provided by local Indonesian farmers while Re.juve’s new organic kale line is made from Tuscan Kale, one of the finest kale sources in the world, grown by a local farmer in Bandung. In addition, the juicery also introduced Re.juve Juice Fast Programme, which aims to improve the body’s natural ability to get rid of toxins. Re.juve Juice Fast Program puts customers into a 3-day liquid fast, during which solid food is a no-go. The programme is designed to give digestion and metabolism a break, while nurturing the body with cold-pressed juices, nut milk and smoothies.

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