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The Revival of Pizzeria, Jakarta’s Legendary Pizza Place at The Sultan Hotel & Residence

Foodies Corner | 11 August 2020
Pizzeria welcomes guests to indulge pizza while spending the good day at the open space restaurant at The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta. Photo courtesy of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta/NOW!JAKARTA

Jakarta popular community in the 90s must be familiar with the Pizzeria, a trendy pizza place in the heart of the Capital City. It’s only the name has left in the memory until The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta announced the revival of the legendary pizza place to pubic in August 2020.

Nestled in the sprawling location close to Kudus Hall, Pizzeria is a flash restaurant located in the surrounding of hotel’s garden with lush greeneries. Open on the weekend from Friday to Saturday, Sultan’s Pizzeria is a place of memories that comes to life once again. Long before modern diners knew The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta, the pizza place was phenomenal during the 90s, a central spot for trendy Jakarta communities to socialising while enjoying good food.

Without losing its spirit, Pizzeria that we know today ushers a casual atmosphere where ones can spend the day in a good setting where access to fresh air flowing through its tranquil location in the middle of the urban jungle which is also close to the hotel’s swimming pool. Sultan’s Pizzeria has the best view with the fountain in the middle of the circular arrangement of the seating. It feels like an instant getaway when one is spending time at the resort but the guest still can hear the bustling noise of the capital. 

Pizzeria is used to be a place for breakfast and function room to hold private events such as gathering and wedding. Whilst the main function is available during weekdays, the Pizzeria is open on service by the end of the week. 

Sultan’s Pizzeria offers small bites, pizza, pasta as all-time Italian’s favorite menu with cocktails and mocktails. Healthy smoothies and healthy juices are also available. One may opt for a meat-lover of healthy pizza creation from a total of five homemade pizzas. Among the list of menus, there are everyone’s favourite such as The Carnivore, Vegetariano, Seafood Marinara, and Fussili Carbonara Truffle. Pizza is always good-to-go for sharing platter to accompany the private conversation of meeting. 

"We are lucky as we have 34 acres lush sprawling garden because using public open space to help our struggling business is a huge win. I’m incredibly pleased to see a simple straightforward application for our Sultan Pizzeria to succeed going forward,” said Fintan O'Doherty, General Manager of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta. 

Sultan Pizzeria is within the accessible location where one can reach the place from the main lobby or stop by after finished their fitness routine at the tennis court and run on the jogging track. The pizza place accommodates up to 50 people which is suitable for a group booking for meeting and gathering. During the pandemic, the team at the hotel will guide guests by setting the physical distancing seating arrangement completed with the standard of health protocols. 

“We also are sure to observe strict social distancing at all times. We all want to enjoy meals but must be vigilant to maintain our health and safety as a top priority, maintain distance, practice good hand hygiene, wear face coverings while not eating or drinking and stay home if sick," O'Doherty added.

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