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Hakkatini Nights: Smooth Cocktails for the Ladies

LIQUOR AND SPIRITS | 2 August 2019

Upscale dining venue and bar Hakkasan Jakarta located at level 25 of Alila SCBD Jakarta continues to elevate its offering by recently launching a cocktail program called Hakkatini Nights. Building on the brand’s famous reputation for offering top-notch Hakka cuisine with an international touch, Hakkasan Jakarta’s Bar Manager, Charles Richard has crafted special cocktails exclusively for this program, which was launched on 24 July.

Hakkatini Nights offer six original cocktails exclusively available every Wednesday nights during the promotion at Hakkasan Jakarta, Alila SCBD. Nangka Martini is one of the special cocktails served exclusively during Hakkatini Nights Photo courtesy of Hakkasan Jakarta/NOW!JAKARTA

In addition to signature cocktails Hakkatini and Corn & Pepper, Hakkatini Nights offer six original cocktails exclusively available every Wednesday nights during the promotion.

The Pink Chrysanthemum puts emphasis on fragrance and floral hints, with vermouth at its base, complemented with gin and apple vinegar. This one makes for a perfect start to a beautiful cocktail experience. The brew comes in a tall wine glass with actual pink chrysanthemum petals for that special instagenic touch.

A slightly sweeter cocktail, the Pandan Matcha Agave also packs a somewhat similar punch. Aromas of pandan (screwpine leaves) give this cocktail a freshly tropical feel, with milk extract enhancing the long, slightly spicy aftertaste.

Nangka Martini offers yet another rehash on the classic tropical cocktail, with rose water and citrus pronouncing the drink’s sweet screwpine flavor. The finish is a strong and smooth pineapple notes which is both fresh and flirtatiously sour.

Yunan Berry Tea Punch (left) and Matcha Agave (right). 

My personal favourite was the Snow Ball, a meticulously presented drink that leans on the sweeter side served within a white chocolate dome poured on with warm milk upon serving. I’m not normally a fan of sweet cocktails, but this one warrants an order, especially when visiting with a self-respecting lady who enjoys her cocktail fresh.

Duck fat may be the last thing you’d expect to find in a cocktail, but the Smoked Duck Sazerae gives you exactly that along with a mix of rye, vermouth, green tea jasmine shrub, orange and bitters. This drink packs quite a punch, but best of all, it offers hints of roasted duck flavours.  

World-class mixologist Richard Charles is the bar manager at Hakkasan Jakarta.

Refreshing and fragrant with rich floral notes and sweet and sour tea notes is what you’ll get drinking the Yunnan Berry Tea Punch. The finish of this uniquely presented cocktail is long and filled with notes of blackberries, citrus, apple and another type of berry that I couldn’t quite place but enjoyable welcomed.

Hakkatini Nights is available every Wednesday from 7.30pm onwards. Ladies receive a complimentary glass of cocktail from the selection above.


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